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Introducing the Omlet Chickens!

Omlet's chickens are excellent egg layers and have friendly individual characters.

They have been organically reared to Soil Association standards and are at point of lay. This means that they are between 16-20 weeks old and should lay their first egg in 4 to 6 weeks. They have also been fully vaccinated against common diseases.

Miss Pepperpot
Beautiful iridescent beetle black feathers characterise this hen. She has been bred from the Rhode Island Red and the Barred Plymouth Rock to create a lively hen capable of laying over 300 eggs per year.

Ginger Nut Ranger
Dark russet red with accented black tail feathers, this is a perky chicken. A consistent layer of large tasty eggs, she has an inquisitive nature and will never be far away if you are out in the garden.

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Edna, 30 October 2019

How to avoid hen make mess in their cot where they lay their eggs? My husband has clean it all the time. Thank you.

Kirsteen, 6 May 2017

I look forward to learning from your guides and information

Man, 14 July 2011