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The Omlet Ambassador Programme

Visit or talk to an Omlet Ambassador about an Omlet product!

What is an Omlet Ambassador?

An Omlet Ambassador is someone who has purchased an Omlet product and is extremely passionate about it! All Omlet Ambassadors are individually screened and checked to ensure that their Omlet product(s) and set up are a great example for you to view. If you’re unable to visit an Omlet Ambassador, you can also conveniently set up a phone call or talk to them by email about their product!

How does it work?

Many of our products have a map displayed on the product page where you can see if an Omlet Ambassador lives near you. The Omlet Ambassador’s exact address is never shown and will only be given to you if the Omlet Ambassador allows it. Once you select the Ambassador you can choose to arrange a visit. You are also able to talk to an Omlet Ambassador if you’re unable to go and see it. You can talk to the Omlet Ambassador by email or arrange a phone call with them where they can talk you through all of the great things about their Omlet product!

Why would I want to visit or talk to an Omlet Ambassador?

An Omlet Ambassador is someone who has bought an Omlet product and has a suitable set up for you to visit and see how great an Omlet product looks in person! You can ask questions and discuss what you were looking for with them. It’s like a live review and tailored advice all rolled into one!

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