This straw skep is used for catching and transporting swarms of bees. The swarm is shaken off the branch so they fall into the skep and the skep is then turned upside down and left on the ground. If the queen bee is in the skep the swarm should stay there, but it should be left close to where the swarm was found so that any stray bees flying around can easily find their new temporary home.

Usually, the skep would need to be propped on a stone to create a space for bees to fly into, but this skep has a small hole near the bottom which acts as a doorway and also allows the bees to breathe. The bees should start to settle and nest and you will be safe to transport them to their Beehaus in the evening, when it is a little darker and cooler.

Measures 43cm high and 35cm diameter.

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Weight: 1.000 kg

Height: 36 cm

Width: 36 cm

Length: 49 cm

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