Lenham Chicken Coop by Forsham Cottage Arks

Lenham Roosting Bars
Lenham Roosting Bars

The Lenham Chicken Coop from Forsham Cottage Arks is designed to provide spacious accommodation for up to 12 chickens. This hand-crafted wooden hen house has a simple design that offers ease of maintenance and great access. It is a beautifully designed traditional chicken ark that will bring enjoyment to both you and your pets.

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Lenham Chicken Coop - Made to Order
Lenham Chicken Coop - Made to Order
The Lenham chicken coop The Lenham Chicken Coop is suitable for 12 chickens

The Lenham Chicken Coop was launched in 1982, as our customers told us that they’d like to start keeping more chickens. Its classic traditional shape is designed to fit into any garden. It is less space efficient than our Boughton chicken house, which has an integrated run below the house, but it can hold twice the number of chickens and is also suitable for large fowl or cockerels.

Long Lasting Pressure Treated Wood

All Forsham Chicken Coops are built to last. The Lenham chicken ark is constructed using thick, strong, fully planed and pressure treated ship lap, which means that your chicken house will last for years to come. All the fixings and furniture are zinc plated.

The Lenham chicken coop with side panel and nesting box removed. The Lenham comes apart to make cleaning easy!

The Lenham is designed to make it quick and simple to clean. For easy access the Lenham Chicken Coop has removable nest boxes, side walls and perches.

Secure Fox-Resistant Chicken House

As with all Forsham Chicken Coops - the Lenham is secure from foxes. It has strong catches and locks which cannot be opened by Mr Fox.

The perches inside a Lenham chicken coop. The perches maximise the usable space in the house.

There are three solid perches – one on either side of the house and one up high. This not only maximise the usable space in the hen house but also gives your hens a choice of where to sleep. The top bar can be positioned in 3 different places. The different locations enable it to be located on the opposite side to the nest box allowing hens a dropping free route to go and lay an egg!

The perches are carefully sized with rounded corners giving your hens a secure base for a good night sleep.

Collecting eggs from a Lenham chicken coop. Collecting eggs is easy - swing the partition down to lock off the nestboxes from the chicken house.

The Lenham has 3 separate nesting boxes, located on the side of the chicken house on a removable panel. This panel can be placed on the right or the left side of the house, allowing you to choose which side you'd like your nest boxes on. This makes it easy to fit the Lenham into the most awkward corner of your garden.

The nesting boxes can be locked off at night with our innovative nest box shutters, dramatically reducing the amount of droppings that the chickens leave in the nest box and cutting down on egg cleaning time.

Nest Box Shutters

Nest box shutters of a Lenham chicken coop.

The unique nesting box night shutter stops the chickens sleeping in the nesting box, dramatically reducing the amount of droppings that the chickens leave in the nest box and cutting down on egg cleaning time.

Roosting Bar

Inside of a Lenham chicken coop showing nesting box and perches.

The solid, single-piece roosting bars provide a solid place for your chickens to perch while they sleep.

Forsham Cottage Arks

The black and white Forsham Cottage Arks logo

Forsham Cottage Arks have been making chicken arks since 1979 and in 2011 Forsham became a part of Omlet. Forsham products have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of happy customers so you can rest assured you are buying a finely-tuned, hand-crafted home for your pets.

Forsham Timber. Close-up of the Canadian Spruce

Unlike cheaper chicken houses that are made of low-grade Chinese softwood, we use only the best sustainably-farmed Canadian Pine for our chicken houses. After carefully sourcing the right kind of wood, we make sure it is properly treated to last a lifetime outside. We use Ground Contact Pressure Treatment which helps prevent your chicken house from rotting.

All the sections we use are planed all round so there are no scruffy faces or splinters.

The dimensions of the Boughton Chicken Coop. Lenham Chicken Coop Dimensions

The Lenham Chicken House is designed for up to 12 medium-sized chickens or 6-8 larger birds such as Buff Orpingtons.

Please note: Your Lenham Chicken Coop will be made to order. You will receive your beautiful new chicken coop 4-6 weeks after placing the order.


House: Sustainably-sourced Canadian Pine

Old photo of Forsham bird house being built.

1979 - An unemployed printer, recently made redundant from the Kentish Messenger, returns to his old paper to place a small advert: 'Good Quality Poultry House For Sale.' It results in fifteen enquiries and seven orders. Forsham Cottage Arks is born.

1983 - As the volume of orders increases, Forsham takes on their first employee - a retired joiner from their village called Lenny

1988 - Forsham begins to sell its products through Harrods. Kew Gardens installs a Forsham Dovecote on its grounds.

1990 - Forsham exhibits its products at the Chelsea Flower Show. The stand proves very popular and they are asked to return the following year.

1993 - Forsham supplies a Boughton Chicken Coop to Channel 4's 'Big Breakfast'.

2000 - The Poultry Club of Great Britain presents a Forsham Lenham Chicken Coop to HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in celebration of her 100th Birthday.

2002 - Forsham supplies a Lenham Chicken Coop to Channel 4's 'Big Brother'. Many people commented that the chickens were more interesting to watch than the people.

2008 - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uses a Forsham Lenham Chicken Coop for his hens as part of his Chicken Out campaign.

2011 - Forsham Cottage Arks is bought by Omlet. The purchase brings together two companies that share a common vision of producing the best pet housing in the world.

Omlet 30 day guarantee. Everything you need to start keeping chickens

We're so confident that you'll love everything about your Forsham Chicken Coop that we offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the Boughton or the chickens you can send it back to us for a full refund. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please note: Your Lenham Chicken Coop will be made to order. You will receive your beautiful new chicken coop 4-6 weeks after placing the order.

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Lenham Chicken Coop -

Needed a tough, well made product, built to last. The Lenham is worth absolutely every penny and ticks all the boxes.

Lenham Chicken coop -

The coop is as it looks on line. I have no complaints about the coop- it looks good but I have to echo previous comments about the delivery and the communication. I was told the item had been dispatched- which was quicker than I expected but then nothing, it was estimated to arrive a week later but nothing happened - you wait everyday 'cause you are not sure when it will come .A week later I get a call from the delivery driver who says he is at my house and nobody is in, but I stated on the form that it should be left in the front garden if not in. They did leave it on the driver eventually. I think a better delivery system is in order one where you can track where it is and actually when it will be delivered - rather than potentially waiting in every day for a week to see if it will arrive and then the delivery company ignoring what you put on the form about where they could leave it if you are not in. I've had better delivery service for an item that only cost £10.

Brilliant! -

The coop is really well made and, with the addition of some corrigated plastic sheeting on the floor, is actually easier to clean out than my eglu. I love it! The only thing that could be improved is communication - the coop took longer than expected (I was happy to wait) and I had to phone up to find out what had happened. Everyone was very polite and helpful, but I think it would be good to send out an email when there is a delay so that you know what is going on.

Brilliant, delighted, the hens love it -

It was easy to order arrived within a few days,and sat in the garage until my son and I had time to assemble it. It took us only 30 mins to build it, The instructions where concise and clear it's tremendously solid and well made and I think will last us for some time. It feels so dry and cosy inside! Lucky chickens! I am very pleased with it. Thank you Belinda

Méér dan tevreden - Oost-Vlaanderen,

Mooi, stevig, makkelijk in elkaar te steken, knap uitgedacht ... doch ... niet echt goedkoop.

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