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West Chester PA - Marc,

The Eglu structure is an excellent design and convenient. The direction are a bit disjointed! Especially when it comes to the wire walls. As for the fence aspect, the plastic clips are not that good and often break easily, especially the double clips. I resorted to use zip ties for everything. So the coop house is great the cage not very good.

Easy to clean & hens seem very happy - Tracey,

Whilst this took a good few hours with two of us putting it together it's very well made and all areas are easily accessible. I have a bad back and leaning into the old coop to clean it was a problem. With this house everything pulls out for easy cleaning which is great. It keeps out the rain and the girls took to it straight away. The purple is a bit pink but it still looks good. I reckon this will last infinitely longer than the old wooden house I had.

Great product but instructions are insane! - Emma,

Great product but the instructions seem to explain easy things in too much detail and leave out important little details like lining things up etc. Overall really happy with the result though and will eventually get over the PTSD from the instructions.

Eglu Cube with 9ft Run - Curtis,

Overall I am very happy with the quality of this large chicken coop. While the instructions leave a bit to be desired my major issue is the design of the run and why it has such large opens in the fence. As to design clipping the run together does not make a very sturdy enclosure. I had to add plenty of zip ties to strength it. Also in the US at least, a raccoon can reach their arms through this fence and grab a hold of chickens because the holes are so big. Because of this I added 1/2" hardware cloth, fencing to the bottom section all around. As to the value overall, very satisfied. Thank you.

Review of chicken coop - Cory, Oregon,

Chickens are still very young and don’t sleep in the coop yet. They do love to be in the run during the day. Love the coop, and am very happy with the purchase. Three things though: The little green clips that hold the run together are flimsy at best. They turn white and get stress when being bent into their functional shape. Secondly, I wish there was some sort of heating system incorporated into the coop. Lastly, I keep hearing about the automatics door being available soon. It seems it’s only available outside the US at this point. Not sure why that is.

Well worth the wait! - Sarah,

My 3 hens are so happy with their new home! After stray hold” in a dog run (I work at the County Animal Shelter & their owner had 10 days to reclaim) then another 14 days in huge wire dog crates (shipping delay) they have reached hen Nirvana. Only assembly issues were rain delays. They have fully explored the nesting and roosting areas and seem content. I love that it can easily be sanitized and I can move it by myself. They will appreciate not being put in a dog crate on the deck every night. I may add an automatic door plus another run section to give them a bit more room . I’m not brave enough to let them free range. It would be embarrassing to have them picked up by Raleigh Animal Control and we have foxes, raccoons & hawks all around us. I’m thinking we need a few at work ( you’d be surprised at how many fowl run afoul of the law here). Suzuka, Moa & Yui say “Thanks”!

- Anthony, VIC,

I highly recommend the Eglu Cube M2. Initially, I was sceptical of a modern plastic chicken coop design. The reviews sold me on the idea. I've had the Eglu Cube for a month now, it has exceeded all my expectations. The product is high quality, extremely well designed, easy to clean, durable, red might resistant and above all, safe from predators. I have now purchased & installed Omlet's auto door opener, which is great and easy to install. Yes, the coop & auto door is on the expensive side however well worth the cost. 10/10 Omlet.

Good, secure coop, easy to clean and collect eggs without letting the hens out. - Carol,

It would be too small for my 4 large hens if I didn't buy a 2x2m walk-in run to attach it to as the configuration of my garden means I couldn't let them out all day. They never go into the coop during the day (except to lay eggs), and shelter under the coop if it's raining so I'm glad I got the raised Cube. They also love their dust bath under there - always dry. I got the clip-on plastic treads for the steps as I felt the metal ones were too thin and would be very cold in the winter. They were a bit flummoxed by the steps to start with and took a while to dare to come out the first day (I put them straight in the coop and shut it the afternoon I got them), but they are fine with them now, even if they do choose to fly in & out half the time. The litter tray is a little unwieldy to carry to the compost heap and the feather dust flies into your face if it's windy, so I now empty it into a bucket next to the coop. Not absolutely certain about the draught-free ventilation in cold winter as there are gaps around the back door, but time will tell. Could do with a door to the back of the run under the coop to make it easier to clean out poos from underneath.

Eglu Cube Mk2 - Mark,

Bought this Coop for our first go at rearing chickens, It's a fabulous coop, east to clean and maintain, have since purchased additional 1m extension and weather protection, rain covers and wind breakers to make the girls more cozy, they seem to have settled in very quickly and seem at ease within there enclosure, I'd highly recommend this product to others.

Nice little coop for the backyard. - Christiana,

Didn’t have any problems putting it together. Our chicks love their new space, but have a hard time with the ladder, they are still young so I imagine they will get it figured out.

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