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Great product - Texas,

Due to all the changes is the world of late I ordered my coop and it felt like forever before it arrived. That said I couldn’t be happier with it now that it’s here. It’s worth I feel every penny I spent for it customer service was has been great dealing with my impatience ????(thanks guys). No one I know has one which make my all the better I thin lol great product and the girls love it

Great buy -

This is such an awesome coup.. so easy to clean, happy chickens, no dampness, mites or draft issues.. and being totally recyclable makes me extra happy ???? thanks omlet

Awesome! -

I was eagerly anticipating my coops arrival and it has definitely delivered! While lengthy to assemble, it was easy overall and will be so simple to clean. My girls are happy.

LOVE our Eglu Cube - Oklahoma,

I purchased my Eglu Cube about one year ago as a very first time chicken keeper. It has made the whole experience simple and efficient. Cleaning- the plastic coop makes this a breeze. I keep wood shavings in the nesting box as well as the droppings tray. About once a week I dump all of the shavings into the compost and replace with clean. Once a month or so I hose the tray and roosting bars down. Very easy and keeps the smell minimal. I've had no issues with any kind of mites, etc. Mobility- I originally purchased the coop with wheels and 6 foot run. At the time I had 3 hens, and as I've acquired more chickens, I've purchased extensions. I currently have a 15 run (the original plus 3 extensions). While each extension make it a little more difficult to maneuver the coop and run, it's still doable by myself. I have the handles on order to help. With 8 chickens in my coop I try to move it at least once a week to give fresh grass and bugs to snack on. Nesting box- Easy for my kids (9 and 6) to open and retrieve eggs. Security- I've had absolutely no issues with critters getting into the coop, including our 70 lb bird dog. Durability- Even after moving on a regular basis, the run has not bent out of shape or shown any kind of wear. My only words of caution- Be careful to make sure you do not have any chickens in harm's way when you lower the coop back down after moving. I made this mistake and ended up injuring one of my hens while she had her head under the run reaching for some new grass while it was lifted. Luckily, she has made a full recovery. In summary, I could not be happier with my coop. In fact, I've ordered another Eglu cube identical to my first for some chicks we recently added. Suggestion to Omlet- I'd love to see a dust bath accessory. I've added a covered kitty litter box into my run filled with dirt, does the job, but it has to be removed and them put back in every time the run is moved. I'd love to see some kind of attached system so it can easily move with the coop/run.

Love the Eglu Cube -

I love this coop... My chickens for some reason will not go into the coop yet but I am hoping they will when they start laying... Because of COVID 19 I received the coop later than expected so the chicks unfortunately were not used to it... The coop is awesome though and easy to assemble.

Got It Together, Chickens Safe Through Night One - Pennsylvania,

It took my husband and I about 6 hours to put it all together, but we had to stop periodically for rain. Once you figure out which part is which, it runs along more smoothly. Definitely watch the assembly video! The chickens slept in there for the first night. We live in a rural area, lots of things that want to eat them, and nothing breached the coop last night.

- Pennsylvania,

We were so excited to finally get our Cube! The amount of boxes were slightly intimidating, but the directions and how to videos made it much easier. Product is well put together and made of high quality materials. The girls are happy to finally have their permanent home and it arrived before the promised date! So happy we decided to go with the Cube!

A coop fit for a queen! - Pennsylvania,

I was so excited to finally get out Eglu Cube! Although seeing so many boxes was a little intimidating, the instructions and how-to videos posted on the website made it very easy to assemble. The order arrived sooner than expected, so that was a welcome bonus. Our girls are happy and they finally have their permanent home!

I love my Eglu Cube with 6 Ft. Run - Texas,

I did thorough research before choosing the Eglu Cube. I am so happy with my purchase. My chickens are comfortable and safe in their new "digs." Thank you Omlet for making such a wonderful product. It was easy to assemble with two people, the instructions were great! My chickens adapted easily to the switch. I am a customer for life!

Love the Omlet -

My chickens love this home! Easy to put together, easy to clean, and easy to move! Safe and perfect design!

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