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- June, Hampshire ,

In process of putting together the cube, looks lovely & I’m sure my girls will love it just one issue, we purchased the cube without the run as we have a large run, my issue is where do you hang the water & food pots. I was expecting to have some sort of wire fence piece under the cube to hang them on. A little bit disappointed as this is not the case.

Fantastic product - can’t recommend highly enough! - Catherine,

As a soon to be first time chicken owner there was never any doubt that I’d have anything other than an Eglu Cube for my first flock of girls. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision - neither could my chicks! It only took them one night before they got the hang of going up to bed on their own; they love it so much they sometimes pop up during the day if they fancy a change of scene! Stylish, easy to put together, it makes me smile every time I catch sight of it through the window! Thank you, Omlet.

Outstanding Service - Iain,

My Eglu Cube arrived and on putting it together at the final stage I discovered a part missing. It was just before Christmas but there was an immediate response to my email, followed by a swift discussion and the arrival of the part only a few days later together with some toys as compensation. The Eglu itself is a sturdy and entirely practical affair but the real point of this review is to compliment Eglu on their charming, personal and efficient aftercare which has left me with a warm feeling about the company.

Perch x2 - Tracey,

Bought as spares to make cleaning each day easier and quicker. We have been very happy with the cube and the hens seem happy too...

So far so good. - Mikaela,

So far I am loving this Eglu, it took a while for me to put together, but mostly because I put it together in stages as I was very busy. Once I got it together it has been great. My chickens realize it keeps them safe and will hang out inside the run even at times when they have the option to run around and free range. I think the real test will be taking apart the run for when we move. But I am pretty sure it won't be hard at all.

Great Product - Susan,

The Eglu cube is an excellent product. I am impressed by the quality of construction and the ease of maintenance. My chickens have had 4 years in wooden coops much closer to the ground and migration to the cube is proving quite difficult. Although they are happy and snug inside the cube, they really don’t ‘get’ the ladder and I have had to improvise steps to try and get them used to going up and down. I have 6 bantams and really wouldn’t like to have more than that in the cube. I think 6 full sized birds would be a bit tight. It was a two man job over about 3 hours to put it all together, but the components are good quality and the instructions are excellent. It is very easy to clean which is a major plus. I had problems in the wooden coop with red mites last year, but I don’t think they will be a problem with the cube as there are no inaccessible nooks and crannies. Overall, I am delighted with the cube and wish I had invested 4 years ago when I first started keeping chickens. I just need my pampered girls to fully embrace it now. Thank you all at Omlet

Eglu cube Mk2 - Carol,

Really pleased with my eglu which I brought second hand as new. I would like to say I use it for my rescue warrens hens. It is easy to clean, but I would like to soak the roosting bar as I find it a real mess to clean and I get splashed all over - and get back ache scrubbing it. Come on Omlet come up with a idea so I can soak the roosting bar - it doesn't seem you sell roosting bars separately for the cube? Also they find the metal ladder a problem getting in and out ! I've had to make one out of an old scaffold board and roofing felt !

Eglu cube mk1/2 - Isabel,

I have a mark 1 and now a mark 2, both with 3 metre runs. Mark 2 is very neat, I like the roof door handle plus slightly lower height so it is easier to operate from either side, and the new back door. I appreciate the new improved wire skirting, the rounded corners don’t trip you up, nor dig in when you move the whole unit thanks to the reinforcing strips. We are looking at putting reinforcing strips onto the mark 1 skirt to improve its manoeuvrability. Not sure about the horizontal split in the run sides and two piece door, the mark 1 seems sturdier and you don’t have so many clips to fiddle with, but then I don’t need to worry about it supporting the weight of a bear. My hens took to the new omlet even before I had finished building it and they like the new ladder, seems to be less of an effort for them. They are happily laying eggs in the new less draughty ( smaller draining holes) nest box. We are looking forward to the arrival of the automatic doors in January, no more panicking if I’m late getting home to shut the hens in. Thank you

Excellent - Geoffrey,

Arrived on time and took about 2hours to assemble. The chickens are happy with their new home and so are we. Really easy to clean out, no fuss.

Love the cube - Jenny, Aberdeenshire,

I got the cube when I got my first hens and they are very happy in it. It is exceptionally easy to clean. I can easily move it around the garden on my own when the girls need fresh grass. My children find the eggport easy to open and close again and really enjoy collect fresh eggs from their own hens. Very happy with it.

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