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Amazing Coop - Colorado,

I’m the mother of 4 standard sized chickens living in the city. I wanted a coop that was low maintenance and durable for the girls. I looked at several wood coops but was not thrilled with the quality and unfinished interiors. I was also worried about mites and the inability to clean properly. This coop is well laid out, uses quality materials and is the answer to everything I need! We were able to put it together and wheel it into place. I am a very satisfied customer.

Couldn't be happier - so much better than wood! -

Great product - infinitely better than the well built wooden hen houses we've had in the past. We've had our Eglu Cube for 17 months now so can say that it's great whatever the weather. It's so easy to keep clean (even when there's mud all about) and its height off the ground is perfect for getting eggs out, for cleaning and for the hens to shelter under/make dust baths. We've added the automatic door and other Eglu products, so our girls are as happy as we are! It took us a while to buy owing to the initial cost, but it's worth every penny!

Happy hens -

Very please with our new Eglu, I was quite time consuming to put together and would have been difficult on ones own but the instructions generally clear. Our 3 new pullets settled in quickly, learnt to use the ladder and 'go to bed' unaided. The removeable dropping tray is a really useful feature making keeping the Eglu clean very easy. The only improvement I would make would be to add some handles to make wheeling it about easier. Otherwise very well designed and constructed.

The best hen house money can buy -

I upgraded from a classic Eglu to the Cube, as I had increased my stock of hens. Arrived in well marked boxes, but the building manual could have been a bit clearer, more step-by-step instructions (to avoid the rooky mistakes - using the wrong screws/hinges etc.), but does have good pictures and we did eventually finish making the Cube and run. I felt that the run was more complicated than it needed to be also, it would be better produced in less joining pieces (as in the Eglu run). Also, I would say that the basic two metre model, needs to have an extra half meter or metre added as standard, as my hens (not having been used to using a ladder) fly down the ladder and hit the end of the run. Saying this, I love the Cube as it is easy to clean out at a sensible height. I would buy Omlet products in preference to wooden hen houses every time, as the hens live more healthily - my girls have never had any mites or leg scales. Quite an expensive initial outlay, but they are worth every pound, as I know that my girls are safe from predators at night and that they are living in the best hen houses money can buy.

new to keeping chickens -

I love my eglu cube and run. It is really well constructed. Also a big thank to the team in France who despite major problems with delivery companies during this lockdown period got my cube and run to me in time for the arrival of my chickens. Great service

We love our Cube!! - Pennsylvania,

I’ve wanted chickens for years but I live in a rural town with limited space. I accidentally found the Omlet Cube and because it’s so compact and secure and easy to clean I made the leap. Now I have 6 happy, healthy chickens and no regrets. The attached run means my girls are safe when I’m at work, the wheels mean we can move it around easily to let them graze on fresh grass and cleaning it is a dream. I’m already trying to decide where I can put another!


great product. happy hens and easy to clean. very secure.

New hobby in lockdown -

Love love love this cube and run. It’s a work of art and adds a splash of colour in the garden. My princesses love this palace on wheels.

Awesome chicken coop -

I got this coop with the six foot run for my 5 little bantam chickens. It has been great!! They are very happy and it fits them well. The easy open door in the mornings is a life saver and the easy open doors on the side and back have made my life very easy! It takes only a few minutes to clean everything out and replace with new wood chips.


Very happy with our purchase so far! No issues putting it together and it looks great.

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