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Easy Clean Up and Happy Chickens! -

I was so impressed that this is my second one . Highly recommend .

Easy Clean Up and Happy Chickens! -

I couldn't have asked for a better product. From day one, the Eglu was easy to assemble and the chickens acclimated to their new coop without issue. One of the highlights of the Eglu is the easy clean-up and they're well protected from predators. Our older coop was not as secure and we lost chickens frequently. I highly suggest anyone looking for a chicken coop to check out the Eglu, you won't be disappointed. I was SO pleased with the one Eglu, I bought another!

We ADORE our Omlet Coop! -

My husband and I have had chickens for many years and have gone through numerous coops. We recently decided to "restart" with our chickens. We searched for a coop that was contained, easily movable and GREAT quality. Those are hard to find, but Omlet made it easy. The building instructions and you-tube how to videos made assembly unbelievably easy, and we got it done in one afternoon. The clean out tray feature and the door between the nest and the sleeping area are our favorite parts. Our chickens seem super happy with our coop, and so are we!

EGLU is awesome! -

I have two older EGLU coops. One is an original one and the other is an older cube. I live in Florida on the east coast. My coops are at least ten years old and they are still in great shape going through all types of weather!

Love the Eglu Cube with 9' run! -

This is my first time having chickens and I have to say that the Eglu Cube with 9' run is AWESOME. It was pretty easy to put together - easier with a spare person and/or a small person to get into the cube for the final build. The chickens LOVE their new digs!

Great design; Easy to clean and maintain; Keeps predators out -

We are very happy with our purchase so far. The unit is well designed and easy to keep clean and sanitized.Predators are a big issue in our area and the fully contained coop design should help keep our flock safe.

Amazing in all weather conditions! -

I was surprised to see how well my Eglu Cube did last winter. Rain, snow, or sleet it held up amazingly. My chickens were so happy and so was I!

Exceeded all expectations -

We actually added one other segment to the run, so we have the Eglu cube wheels package with a 12-foot run. We move our coop on a weekly basis around our yard. Even with the extended run we have no difficulty moving it around. It takes two of us, and it needs to be on a relatively flat area. We have been thrilled with our coop. We have 6 girls using it (currently 16 weeks old), and as they get bigger we are planning to add yet another extension on the run. We live in a very rural area, and we don't allow them to free-range because of predators in the area. We looked everywhere for an arrangement exactly like Omlet provides, and we couldn't be happier.

Awesome complete chicken system! -

The Eglu Cube has been awesome for my whole flock. It was easy to assemble. It is very easy to keep clean and easy to keep an everyday routine for chicken care. Great design all-around. Would strongly recommend!

Chicken heaven -

Best chicken coop we've ever owned! My family has been raising chickens my whole life but when I moved to the city I needed something a little more compact and easily moveable. The Eglu Cube was the perfect answer! The coop and run fit easily in even a smaller backyard without looking big or unsightly while still giving the chickens plenty of room inside and outside of the coop. The coop has attached nesting boxes with an easy to open outer door making collecting eggs a breeze even with hens still inside. It also has an interior nesting box door allowing you to close off the nesting boxes if you have a stubbornly broody hen. The removable tray and rack in the roosting area make the eglu the easiest coop to clean I've ever owned! Less than 10 minutes to clean out the whole coop and only 20 to 30 minutes if also cleaning the 9ft run! And it has almost no smell even when dirty, so you dont have to worry about the neighbor's complaining. The whole thing can be moved anytime and is 100% predator proof. We have a bad raccoon problem in our neighborhood and thanks to the eglu we haven't lost a single hen. Best part is the winter cover and double wall insulation. Living in Wyoming it gets quite cold and snowy in the winter and the eglu hold up perfectly even in temperatures down to -20 F WITHOUT needing dangerous heating lamps or heaters!! This is going to be our second winter and we've had 0 problems keeping our chickens warm even through the coldest blizzards with nothing more than the eglu and winter insulating cover. It even kept our chickens safe through a bad hail storm with baseball sized hail this past spring. While we dont get too high of temperatures here in the summer the ventilation and double walls made sure our chickens were cool and comfortable all summer. Safe, durable, reliable, movable, and super easy upkeep make the eglu the #1 coop choice for any chicken owner new or experienced. Our chickens love it and so will yours!!

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