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Good, secure coop, easy to clean and collect eggs without letting the hens out. - Carol,

It would be too small for my 4 large hens if I didn't buy a 2x2m walk-in run to attach it to as the configuration of my garden means I couldn't let them out all day. They never go into the coop during the day (except to lay eggs), and shelter under the coop if it's raining so I'm glad I got the raised Cube. They also love their dust bath under there - always dry. I got the clip-on plastic treads for the steps as I felt the metal ones were too thin and would be very cold in the winter. They were a bit flummoxed by the steps to start with and took a while to dare to come out the first day (I put them straight in the coop and shut it the afternoon I got them), but they are fine with them now, even if they do choose to fly in & out half the time. The litter tray is a little unwieldy to carry to the compost heap and the feather dust flies into your face if it's windy, so I now empty it into a bucket next to the coop. Not absolutely certain about the draught-free ventilation in cold winter as there are gaps around the back door, but time will tell. Could do with a door to the back of the run under the coop to make it easier to clean out poos from underneath.

Eglu Cube Mk2 - Mark,

Bought this Coop for our first go at rearing chickens, It's a fabulous coop, east to clean and maintain, have since purchased additional 1m extension and weather protection, rain covers and wind breakers to make the girls more cozy, they seem to have settled in very quickly and seem at ease within there enclosure, I'd highly recommend this product to others.

Nice little coop for the backyard. - Christiana,

Didn’t have any problems putting it together. Our chicks love their new space, but have a hard time with the ladder, they are still young so I imagine they will get it figured out.

I am very happy with my Eglu cube and run. Unfortunately I cannot have them fully free-range as we have several daytime predators. - Georgia,

The double 3m run took longer to put together than I anticipated but got there in the end. We were short of some butterfly clips and double clips but managed to compromise. I left a phone message but never heard back. It is difficult to access all the run through the small doors. Another small door at the back under the coop would be useful. I have now ordered a 6x6x2 walk in run to give me the option of being in with my hens. It has not arrived yet though. However, it would be useful to be able to retain the doors to the small run so that it can be closed off at any time. I don't think the conversion kit allows for this.

Omlet Says: Hello Georgia. We are very sorry you did not hear back from our customer services team. We will be happy to send you some more clips free of charge, should you still require them, please email us via Thank you for your feedback regarding the design of the run. We will be sure to forward this on to our product design department for consideration. Best wishes, The Omlet Team.

Good Coop - Rachel,

Overall, I'm very happy with my Eglu Cube large chicken coop, even though my chicks are still not out of the brooder. The coop itself is very sturdy, well-made and will be easy to clean. The directions at first glance are a little confusing. However, putting it together was pretty easy after figuring out the flow of the directions. My only real complaint is with the plastic clips. Almost every single clip broke in half as I was constructing the run. Every double clip did break in half. All the clips around the bottom of the run broke apart easily as I moved the coop. I had to buy zip ties to keep the run together just to move it. If your grass is a bit high or you have anything other than a perfectly level yard, you will have problems moving this coop if you buy it with the attached run.

Omlet Says: Hello Rachel. We are very sorry to hear you experienced problems with the plastic run clips. We are going to get in touch with you to arrange for replacement clips to be sent to you free of charge. Best wishes, The Omlet Team

Easy assembly, nice and roomy. - Mark, Georgia,

The coop is well thought out and easy to move, even as long as the run is. It looks to be very easy to clean. It took us a little under 4 hours to assemble. All the shipping boxes broke down and fit in box B for an easy trip to the recycling center in our pickup. We can't wait until our little girls are old enough to move in. 8 believe they will be well protected.

Eglu Cube - Lesley,

The Eglu Cube is well manufactured, easy to clean, well insulated and secure. I am very satisfied overall with the purchase. The one drawback, and the reason I gave it a four star review, is the ladders. The self adhesive grips came off nearly straightaway and had to be stuck back on with a proper glue. The hens have difficulty using the ladder, even now, 2 weeks in and tend to just launch themselves off from the top. A ramp would be a better option, especially for ex commercial hens.

Princess Layer & Heniffer Have never been happier! - Stevie, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr,

Amazing coop/cube for the chickens Easy to clean/move/put together & looks so so good in the garden! Highly recommend :)

What I had always wanted! - Fiona,

I have kept chickens over many years and in several different places - even Portugal! I have also wanted an Eglu for many years and finally I have one! If anything it is better than I expected! It is difficult to order the benefits but I will try. Cleanliness and ease of cleaning is amazing when compared to conventional houses: security with the foxproof run is really sturdy and with the advantage of moving the house around you can always have clean ground underneath and a good lawn! I find the patch recovers fully in two to three weeks: the quality of the build is first class even down to the rods which fasten the ‘stable’ door: we now have five large girls who have settled in and are very obviously happy chickens who roam the garden and are always happy to go back when they are tired and hungry: It is early days yet but I am confident that the dreaded red mite problem will not be an issue as the Eglu is so easy to clean and get into the corners: if there is a negative it is only in the putting together. It did take my husband quite a long time to assemble - luckily indoors! Overall it has to be five stars!

Great product, as always. - Ted, Georgia,

This is my second omlet! My first lasted me for many years, and served me well. That’s the reason I am a returning customer. My new one has the 9’ run and wheel package. It’s been improved since my first one. I commend the engineers on the better, larger wheels. Definitely a step up and make maneuvering the unit much easier. The sliding door on the nest box is a much needed improvement to keep the hens out of the box at night. The single dropping pan and bottom grate are an improvement making the system easier to clean and maintain. I have a large permanent coup where my adults live, but needed a safe “smaller” place for new chicks until they are ready to go out with the older birds. It also serves as a place to separate certain birds for breeding and provides a lot of space for that purpose. This coup is quite functional for a flock of backyard chickens that are the source of home grown eggs and fantastic for children to get involved with caring for livestock. It’s easy to clean, safe for the birds and works great for rotating the contained birds on the lawn to fertilize and improve its quality. It’s attractive and looks great in any setting. This is not a cheap product, but it is worth the money. You get what you pay for and this one will last for many years and will keep your birds safe from predators -we have fox, coyote, numerous hawks, raccoons, possums and an occasional bobcat. My Omlet will keep them all at bay. Thanks for a great product!!

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