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Absolutely brilliant, sturdy hamster home - Hannah, Staffs,

My little girl's hamster destroyed her first cage within ten days, cracking the plastic, bending wires and tipping it almost over because of her love of swinging on wires. This seemed to be more durable and my gosh it is. Heavy, solid, attractive looking and easy to put together (especially for an Ikea enthusiast like me. It took me 25 minutes with a break to drink some tea). Most importantly it is easy to clean, well ventilated and Luna (also now known as LunaTIC) loves it. I was a bit unsure how she's manage the tube but there hasn't been a single issue, she'd worked it out within an hour. I was a bit worried about laying out such a high price without a personal recommendation but I think this cage will outlast most of my other furniture. Clever and very good looking, highly recommended!

Very Satisfied - Campbell,

We ordered the Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage for our daughter's gerbils. We found the assembly to be fairly easy, akin to assembling Ikea furniture. The finished product looks very nice in our living room since it resembles a piece of furniture rather than an animal cage. The separate compartments made for very easy clean-up and since you're able to keep the gerbils isolated in one section we no longer need a back-up cage while we're cleaning it. My favorite quality of this cage versus our previous cage is the bedding isn't easily dragged into the upper portion so it no longer spills out onto the table or floor. Our two gerbils quickly learned to use the tube to move between the two compartments and it's been pretty fun to watch them play. Our previous cage was destroyed fairly quickly by the gerbils chewing apart any exposed plastic pieces, despite the numerous chewable toys they had. This cage does not have many accessible plastic edges for them to gnaw on (aside from the running wheel) so we've noticed far less damage. Our daughter was very happy to receive this as a gift. Overall it was a great purchase!

- Carson,

I received my package and was excited to be giving this hamster home to my daughter for her big Christmas gift. Only to find out that the package contained two left sides, not a left and right side as needed. After attempting to contact Omlet I was finally able to get in touch with customer service- after a few phone calls and visit to the the website. Once Clare was able to process my order I was told the replacement pieces are shipped from the UK and would not reach the US in time for Christmas. A week after Christmas the package arrived. The one right side that I needed was packaged in an original package box with minor paper fill and a little bubble wrap. Needless to say it’s trip across the big pond was traumatic at best. My amazing husband was able to assemble the hamster home with the damaged parts minimally showing (yes white duck tape is covering the only visible wounded corner). All of that being said- Clare was more than kind in our transactions and the Hamster thinks her new home is Heaven! Easy for an 8 year old to maintain care :)

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. We are pleased to hear that your hamster is happy in her new home. We are incredibly sorry that you were dissatisfied with this experience. Please note that we have taken your comments on board and we are going to look into how we can handle this quicker in the future. Our customer service team remain at your disposal if needed. Yours, the Omlet team

Love it... - Zen11,

I brought this for my 2 gerbils after the pets at home one cracked. I have limited space and wished to have a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing home for them. This was the perfect choice. It took me 45 mins to assemble on my own the only minor problem I had is that the tube was too long to deep pile the bedding , so I choose remove it. They can still easily climb up to the top area. Its the perfect size. The gerbils look so happy and absolutely love the wheel, they never used the one in their old cage. It looks lovely , easy to clean and to change the food and water it's a winner all around. My cats may disagree , but they do now leave them in peace.

The Best Small Rodent Cage - EVER! - Dawn,

As a family of hamster lover's - we know that keeping our hamster friends safe, secure and entertained is important. While searching for a new cage for a large hamster we were thrilled to stumble across Omlet! A bit more expensive but we loved that it was a piece of furniture, matched the room and kept the hamster safe from our giant cat! It has lived up to everything we had hoped it would be and the customer service is amazing!!!

Lovely looking well made product. - Katie,

I purchased the white cage with storage for my daughter as a Christmas present. I have to say I’m Very impressed with the product and our little Syrian hamster seems more than happy too. It’s a very easy cage for my 10year old daughter to clean and having all the bedding and food in the storage draw underneath is fantastic. It’s a very sturdy and well made piece of furniture. I’ve also been thrilled with the customer service of the company. Unfortunately when we opened the cage and started putting it together we noticed it was damaged in 3 places, as it was a Christmas gift we had no option other than to give the damaged cage but I sent an email with pics to Omlet and received a very speedy response apologising for the damaged product and a promise to send a new cage after the Christmas holidays. I was impressed to receive an email the first week of January and took delivery of the new cage on the 8th. Would definitely recommend Omlet.

Perfect - Tom,

We got a hamster known as the "escape artist". He is secure in a piece of furniture that we are proud to display. Great product!!!!

Review - Lorna,

I ordered this product as I and whilst smaller than expected, it is a fabulous home for gerbils and a lovely piece of furniture. I received this just before xmas and unfortunately one piece of the bed compartment had a nasty split in it. I contacted the company during xmas period fully expecting it to be closed but it wasn't and reported this and it was immediately dealt with and a replacement sent out to me. Highly recommended company, brilliant customer service and well made and excellent products. Thank you for your care and attention, it really is appreciated.

Brilliant Product - Anthony,

We purchased this for our hamster and it looks great. The grandchildren love it . They find it fun to slide out the bottom compartment to play with the hamster. Easy to assemble and clean. Kept hamsters for years and this is the best cage we have ever had.

- Michelle,

I love my Omlet Hamster Cage and so does Jerry! It’s a nice size, has great storage, easy to clean/open and was reasonable to put together. Once it’s put together it feels like a solid piece of furniture and the modern look is a nice touch-

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