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Qute cage with storage - Gemma,

This cage is so well made and great quality. I have joined 2 together to give my hamster a really big cage. My only complaints are that the wheel keeps sliding off when my hamster runs and that the water bottle will not stop dripping. He’s only been in his cage for a few hours, I have got him to climb the tube by tempting with a treat stick but he hasn’t braved it alone yet. I’m certain he will soon with no trouble at all. Definitely recommend this cage

The only humane hamster cage you can buy. - Sally, Michigan,

Store bought hamster cages are way too small, like a little prison, this cage is the only one that offers adequate space and has a very durable build. The bottom can accommodate a little hut hideout, food bowl and chew toys, I bought an extra flying saucer wheel for the top. My hamster loves it! The only change I would make is to the top floor mesh width in the front, a bit on the wide side for tiny hamster paws.

Stylish and functional - Heather,

I really LOVE this cage concept, but it is WAY too small for my hamster. This is why I rated this cage only 4 stars. I see this being most fitting for a Gerbil. The wheel is AMAZING. Super quiet. This unit is super easy to clean as well. I’m not sure it is a good fit for when gerbil/hamsters become seniors as the center tube is only vertical. Customer service was great and prompt returning emails.

Fab cage but not simple to clean out - Laura,

This is a fab little cage, my little boy can easily give it fresh food and water every day on his own which he loves. The hamster uses every inch of the cage and it’s designed very well for the hamsters needs. The wheel initially was not quiet and sounded like a train was in our living room but the fantastic customer care team sent a new part for it and it’s been silent ever since. The only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because it is not simple to clean out. The plastic box has to be taken apart for each clean as urine and dirt gets trapped in the corners and cervices. This is time consuming and tricky and not suitable for a child to do on their own (as advertised). I am happy to help of course, but it is most definitely not a simple job and it drives me crazy having to wash each section of the box individually

LOVE IT!!! - Michele, California,

The perfect home for our little hamster. Safe from our cats, easy to clean and she is happy as a clam. Highly recommend.

Lovely - Mike,

A great cage for hampsters. Would defo ally recommend the storage below as stores all the food and extras. Has to be kept somewhere right. I wish they did a larger version as in width depth is great but 1/2 the width again would make it perfect. If I'd be happy to pay the extra. Still a fab cage. Would be 5 stars if bigger option was available

Omlet Says: Hi Mike, Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy that you like your new Qute. We will definitely forward your suggestion to our Design team. Yours, The Omlet team

- Tina,

Very convenient set up and easy to clean. Just wish there was some type of shield along the top especially back of cage so that food/debris doesn’t fall out. Maybe a clear vented shield. I always have to sweep behind the cage. Otherwise it’s great!

Very nice, quality cage. Easy to use - Barb,

I was very excited to receive my Omlet Gerbil/Hamster cage. I adapted the cage for my dwarf hamster by altering the central tube to a smaller more curved tubing and Taz really likes it. The cage is very easy to clean especially with a male dwarf Campbell's hamster who likes to scent mark everything. The other reason I bought the Omlet gerbil/hamster cage is because it is virtually catproof, so now I can have my hamster out and he is safe. They actually don't even notice anymore when he is in the top part of the cage. I inherited this little guy from my granddaughter and needed a safe place to keep him and the cage works great.

Excellent cage and great service! - Rachael,

I bought this cage after having problems with previous hamster cages(hamster managed to escape from one & cat knocked over another style of cage!) I thought this one looked safer aswell as looking like a great piece of furniture! The instructions were very confusing to understand but once I'd figured them out it was actually quite easy to build! Similar to ikea furniture which I love to build! I was missing a couple of screws but was sent out replacements very quickly! I tried to phone numerous times and no one ever answered the phone but I got very satisfactory responses from Facebook messenger! I'm very happy with the cage and would definitely recommend it! My hamster is quite old now and my only concern was that the tube would be difficult for him to get up & down but he managed it straight away without any bother!

Great quality! - Valerie,

My daughter received this cage 6 months ago and it is still just as nice as when it was unboxed! This is definitely worth the money as I can see it lasting for years and years! We love the way it looks like a piece of furniture and is so sturdy! Would recommend to anyone with a hamster!

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