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Excellent, though not as easy as said to clean -

Overall, this is an excellent cage. It looks like a piece of quality furniture, unlike the eyesore one I used to have. The bars can withstand chewing, and it comes with sufficient accessories. The storage unit is certainly worth the extra $20, as it keeps stuff in its proper place. However, you need to disassemble the components to clean the cage, which is easier said than done. Also, when cleaning the upper level, be careful not to crack the plastic. Overall, I love this cage.

Looks wonderful - 63 Dalewood Avenue,

We received our new hamster home today and assembled it this evening. Our hamster seems very happy. He’s been down the tube twice and we’ve left some snacks up top that he can’t resist in the hope he’ll work out how to get back up the tube overnight so he can get them. Will see if they are gone in the morning! The unit looks great and is very stylish. Was a bit difficult to put together but we got there in the end and it was worth it! Quick delivery and great customer service prior to purchase.

Hamster Cage with Storage -

I love this hamster home. Fits perfect in my daughter's room, great space, handy storage compartment, and quiet wheel. I love that it doesn't look like a traditional hamster cage. I blends with the room's decor.

Looks great. Plenty of space. -

Fab cage. Easy to build. Easy to open. Looks good and generally stops any sawdust from spoiling out. The ability to keep the hamster in either section to allow cleaning of the other is most useful. Cleaning... Has a few narrow parts that are tricky to clean and if the hamster used the top floor as a toilet it drops down both in and out of the bottom drawer through the bars. Overall we are very happy with it. Don't overfull the base with sawdust else it blocks the tube access!

Happy gerbils -

Cage arrived earlier than chosen date but luckily we were in. Easy to assemble Christmas Eve even after a few celebratory drinks. Easy to clean. Took one no time to work out the tube between levels and the other a couple of weeks. Could be a bit bigger but ideal if you are tight on space! Four stars due to the size.

good cage with some significant flaws - Wisconsin,

I was very happy to find a cage for my kid's gerbils that checked all of the boxes. I wanted it to be safe and functional for the pets, I wanted my kids to be able to help take care of the cage, and i wanted it to look more like a piece of furniture than a standard aquarium. about 2 weeks in and I am certain that two of these criteria have been met while the 3rd was sorely missed. The bottom plastic habitat should not be made of 5 separate pieces of plastic. In 3 days time the gerbils manage to get paper and wood shavings into every single crack and crevice, so much so that it falls onto the floor every time you go to take it out of the cabinet. That means that cleaning the thing requires the entire plastic bin be completely taken apart to clean. After reading the reviews and considering my options I am disappointed in what I received given what I paid.

Omlet Says: Dear Scott, Thank you for your review, we value all feedback as this helps us improve our products for the future. I am sorry to hear that you seem to have had issues with your cage, we will pass on your feedback to our product design and quality control teams. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our customer services team who will be happy to help you further. Kindest regards, Omlet

Working great with Roborovski dwarf hamster -

Thought I'd add something as other reviews are inconclusive regarding dwarf hamsters. We bought our daughter this cage for Xmas and she chose a Roborovski when we took her to the pet store a few days later. I was trying to steer her toward a Syrian based on the other reviews saying it may not be suitable for dwarfs but she fell for one so we gave in. We cut an oblong piece of thick cardboard to length and diameter of the tunnel and wedged it down the middle. Effectively halving the width of the tunnel and creating 2 lanes. We also made holes in the cardboard to add grip but I guess slats would work too. At first it didn't seem like the hamster was going to use it because she showed no interest in going near the tunnel. We'd also added bedding to the top part of the cage which probably wasn't a good idea as she just stayed up there and did everything in that space as she had everything she needed. After a few days she became more inquisitive about the tunnel and basically fell into it but the cardboard ensured she didn't fall too quickly. After some initial practice she quickly mastered getting up the tube and despite heading down head first she seems to have the hang of it and is up and down regularly now and seems very happy. In short, the cage is suitable for dwarfs with a small modification and some patience. In hindsight we should have not put the bedding upstairs and just introduced her to the bottom part first and she would have most likely worked it all out a little quicker. The cage is fantastic, it looks great and is sturdy. Initially I didn't want my daughter to have a Hamster because I don't like the design of most conventional cages, that all changed when I saw the Qute and now we are happy hamster owners!

Omlet Says: Hello Chris, Great to hear you and your hamster are enjoying the cage. The Qute has not been designed for dwarf hamsters and we do not advise it be used for them, so we cannot guarantee all parts of the cage are suitable. Sounds like you've done a great job of modifying the tube, please just be aware the top panel can also be an issue because of the spacing of the bars. Kindest regards, Omlet

Excellent -

The quality of this cage is beyond expectations. The wood that is used is high quality with unexpected well crafted details. The habitat turned our "cage rage" hamster into a happy, comfortable, and kind pet (she was very uneasy with the "upgraded" habitat we selected frim the pet store). The aesthetics of the cage are attractive and low key. The cleaning is easy an low maintenance. In general, this is the best made habitat for the price. We love it!

Good cage -

Overall good cage little smaller than thought it would be but overall happy with it gerbils love it

Great cage -

We have the walnut cage with storage and it is great. Easy to set up and has everything you need to start. Smart looking dark wood. High quality. Our new Syrian hamster loves it. Plus easy for my kids to clean. Happy all around.

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