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Great cage for our hamsters. -

The cage fits in with the rest of our furniture, so it's looks fantastic in our living room. The cage is well made and does not take too long to build. I would recommend this cage to anyone. Oh and if you need spare parts you can get them from there website and they don't cost the earth.

Good quality cage -

The cage is well made, spacious and easy to clean. The included water bottle seem to be leaking a bit so every time after washing the top part, the seal inside has to be adjusted again.

Love! - Illinois,

This is the best gerbil cage and so easy to clean. I am so happy to find something that the gerbils seem happy in and is easy to maintain. Then to top it off, we had an issue with our wheel attachment and the company is sending another for free. Good customer service when I called...I will be looking into a bird soon and I plan to come back to Omlet.

Perfect! ...almost -

PROS: very easy for our 12 year to clean! plenty of room for 2 gerbils to have a safe, happy life. blends in and looks nice w/ our decor. comes w/ little water bottle, wheel & dish. drawer is great for a lot (maybe not all) of their supplies. CONS: little pins to hold top floor are not long enough, so floor kept falling- had to zip tie the floor to hold up. also had to zip tie the wheel because the knob can turn, when they're running fast. the tube was extremely hard for our little boys to figure out. sad to watch them for 5 days not using it, had to "train" them with a different tube and helping them down manually. wish it came on wheels, we would love to have the option to move it around. great cage, but could be just even a little better, we feel, at this price point.

Wonderful Habitat -

It is a delight watching and interacting with the gerbils in their cage. One immediately mastered the vertical tube. One was much more hesitant. Watching it overcome his fears by first backing down the tube was funny. A couple of days doing the reserve slide and finally it copied his brothers more forward approach. This habitat system is a delightful way to enjoy these interesting creatures. Larry

We love it! -

Product looks nice, functions well. My ten year old is the one who cares for the gerbils and cleans the cage. The Omlet cage is easy to use and clean. We also have a dog and a cat who are VERY interested in the gerbils, but I have not been concerned for the small pets safety at all. It’s become almost like a fish tank for our larger pets, they can look but but they can’t touch. We just love this product.

Awesome! - Virginia,

So we transitioned to this cage for our two gerbils because our former cage was massive and bulky and made it difficult to access the gerbils (it was a large wire cage with a deep plastic basin). THIS IS SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT. I literally never write reviews, but I am so impressed with this product. I thought it might be too small for our two gerbils (since gerbils are larger than hamsters), but I think the double story combined with the tube and the deep bottom for lots of paper bedding makes it more fun for them. It took a while for one of our gerbils to learn how to go up the tube, but he figured it out within 24 hours. The pluses are myriad in comparison to our former cage: (1) You can handle and play with the gerbils easily when they are on either level; (2) Spot cleaning every morning is an absolute breeze; (3) Because the bottom is clear plastic, you can actually see the gerbils tunneling which is so fun to watch; (4) The cage looks like a piece of furniture and doesn’t let all the bedding and poop fly out everywhere; (5) It has withstood the, um, attentions of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and kept the gerbils safe (he’s getting better); (6) The wheel is plenty big enough (I thought it looked small but I was wrong); and (7) The storage space—though very small—is handy. The price is so reasonable, and it’s been a great purchase for us.

Great hamster cage -

We bought this cage about a month ago for my daughter's birthday for her first pet hamster. It was recommended by her friend. It was fairly easy to put together (very well packaged). We went to buy Willow the hamster and she loves her new 2 story apartment. She was up the tube within an hour or so to investigate. It is very easy to clean. Is sturdy and looks great. The wheel is very quiet. We did have to chance the water bottle as it began to leak. We purchased carefresh bedding and there is no hamster smell at all. Willow loves to burrow downstairs and move her things around. Although she likes her cozy coconut hut to sleep in. But has burrowed into the bedding today to snooze there. She did start to chew a bit on the bars so we bought knaw toys for her. Also she loves the clip on to the bar treats she can munch on and usually pulls off! We bought Willow a hamster potty, which we put sand and a bit of potty litter in. She took to that straight away and loves to have a sand bath in it before she uses it as her toilet. The drawer at the bottom is small but handy to put essential items in. I had a hamster when I was a child and it was very smelly. The wheel was so noisy. This is a much better cage than I had as it is so easy to clean. The tube is a great idea as you can put your furry friend on the upper level for cleaning time. Willow seems very happy. Overall this is a great hamster cage and I would highly recommend.


So I have had my hmster for over a year and he has alwaus been in the same crapy cage I got from the pet store and i never liked it. I was sceptical because I dont want him to get out ammnd run way and I can tell you I have not been disappointed with this purchase. I almost settled for something basic and more expensive but seen this and ordered it. This is the best purchase I made and so is my hamster!! He loves the levels and took him about 30 mims of running crazy to figure out the tube lol but now he is in heaven he runs constantly and enjoys the closed in bottom to keep him warm.


Very happy with this Hamster cage it looks good and easy to clean and my hamster loves burrowing in the bottom part as well as climbing on the bars at the top. It is escape proof and storage at the bottom is great for storing musli and treats.

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