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Amazing cage -

Fairly easy to set up, amazing storage and so happy it came with wheel, bowl and bottle!! Only concern is, hamsters need to burrow and need several inches of bedding, however there is not enough room for that much bedding or else they won’t be able to climb up the tube! The back of the cage also has a fairly big gap for my hamster to get stuck in. Other than that, so pleased with the cage.

Not just for kids - Pennsylvania,

Yes, I’m an adult with a pet hamster. I can proudly show off my pet in this awesome hamster cage! It’s not only beautiful but also very functional for my little Hammy. And, this Omlet cage is heavy and well made enough to make it cat proof! A great product!

Perfect for Gerbils -

I had been looking for something like this and thought I would have to make something. This is EXACTLY what I needed. It was easy to put together and my gerbils love making little nests and tunneling around. They're even using the wheel which is just right for long tails (no spaces for tails to be caught). I'm so happy I found this!

Fantastic home for Hamsters! -

I love this cage! I found it extremely easy to put together, I don’t know what others have found difficult but I had no problems at all! I have only had my new dwarf hamster for a day but so far she seems to be very content in her cage, she loves burrowing down in to her bedding st the bottom, she hadn’t figured out how to use the tube yet but I’m really hoping she manages it, if not I’ll have to replace with a ramp of sorts, maybe this could be taken in to account and the cage could be supplied with both a tube and a ramp. The water bottle is also leaking but in my experience most bottles tend to leak and other than that I’m very happy with my purchase! There is plenty of room for a dwarf hamster, even with lots of toys etc in there! I have read lots of comments about urine leaking, I can’t comment on the cleaning aspect of this cage yet but it appears to be fairly simple and as long as you are changing it out often enough I don’t think this should be an issue, I also don’t mind taking the bed apart every now and then for a deep clean and getting in to the corners of this does happen for me. Thank you for your cage!

Design flaw - Michigan,

leaks urine

Omlet Says: Hi Pauline, Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you have an issue with your Qute. This shouldn't have happened. We will forward this to our Design team for investigation. If you haven't already please contact customer service. Yours, The Omlet team

Fit for purpose and looks great too! -

I'm very happy with this product although I think it could've been slightly larger to be ahead of all other small animal cages. Having integral storage is a real plus and means that the immediate area around the cage can also be kept tidy and clean. The wheel (thank goodness) is silent and the concept of the twist tube is great! Cleaning is much easier than with a conventional cage and my boy gerbils enjoy rearranging their bedding in the bottom half. Only one criticism which is that the dividing floor drops off the lugs at the back of the cage when I'm cleaning and feel that a retro fritted clip could be designed to keep the floor in place while washing. Otherwise, great and I would recommend.

Gerbilarium -

Fantastic item. Very well thought out. Purchased as gerbils had wrecked their previous home but this one has been designed so chewing is not a problem. Design very pleasing to the eye for my daughters teenage bedroom. Delivery by UPS was the only grumble item did not arrive on specified date but nothing to do with product.

Excellent service and product - Stockton on tees,

Hamster cage is fab and my daughters hamster just loves it! It’s great quality and looks lovely in their bedroom ! It’s a well thought out design only wish that the wheel and other plastic items came in another colour or at least an option. Money well spent


We are on our 3rd hamster solely because of this cage. Makes everything about a hamster enjoyable. Watching it run around and play as well as the ease of cleaning the cage. They solved all the issues with the typical tunnel hamster cage market.

Very stylish, comfortable and we love it! -

The cage is super cool and unique! The only thing is about urine on the bottom of the cage, but we have put toilet for hamsters and everything is perfect!

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