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Lovely design but doesn't keep mess contained! - Hanna,

Bought this as a standalone cage works better in our room than a tabletop one. Having the storage space and the top is useful. The design is good, although I would feel better if they had more daylight in the top section. One gerbil took about a day to get the hang of going up and down the vertical tube - the other took about 3-4 days. It took a bit of patience, giving him lifts up and down to start with. The only downside is that the gerbils push lots of bedding and droppings through the sides, so it is a good job we have a wooden floor - I wouldn't want to have them in a carpeted room.

Omlet Says: Hello Hanna. Thank you for your review. The bars at the edge of the solid floor are designed to allow mess to drain through into the bedding tray below. To avoid your gerbils pushing mess through the bars outside of the cage, we would suggest placing the food bowls at the edge of the cage. We hope this helps. If there is anything else we can help you with, please call us on 01295 500900. Best wishes, The Omlet Team.

Best looking cage but not perfect - Andrea,

This is undoubtedly the best looking cage available. However, we do have a problem with it. Whilst one of my gerbils loves it, the other is terrified of the orange tube and won’t go up or down. This means most of the time he is confined to the top. He is very timid and doesn’t like handling, so I have to coax him out and transfer him to the bottom at cleaning time. I wish the design could have incorporated a sloping tube somehow. Such a pity as the rest of the family loves it!

Great experience with company and product - Jordan,

Its a great product, when I recieved it a piece was cracked, I emailed the company that day heard back the next and within a week was sent a replacement. Great customer service. And so much thought put into make suitable enclosures Thanks!

It’s not a hamster cage, it’s a home! - Julie,

My daughter and I recently acquired a second hamster. We had adopted Possum about six months before. She came home in a cage that was way too small, so without much thought I bought a bigger version of the same cage. We then added Cammy-Bear to our family, but only had a temporary cage. I decided to spend some time researching hamster cages, and came upon Omlet. The price was right, and the functionality and style was perfect. I decided to get two. The two sit side-by-side and fit perfectly into this nook where a VHS cassette storage unit had been. The Omlet really is beautiful. It’s well designed. I’m a single mom, and just so-so with assembling things. Putting the second unit together was a breeze in comparison to the first. The only issue I had, was there are these two small (? 3”) rubber tubes which are to be placed in two inserts on the underside of the top of the unit. You’re to push those tubes into the openings. The metal cage back is shaped to fit into those two inserts, pushing into the rubber tubing, before sliding a metal rod through a pre-drilled hole on one side, through a few metal hoops on the bottom of the metal cage back, and into a pre-drilled hole on the other side. This is to hold the metal back firmly to the unit. Well, the first Omlet I put together, I totally missed this step, and put it together without the rubber tubing. I decided that after seeing all that I would have to undo, to just leave it. I tested out the metal cage back to see if it had too much give that it could pull out of the two inserts, but there was only minimal movement, so I let it go, and made a mental note to be sure and use the tubing on the second one I still had to put together. As I’m putting it together, I get to that point, place the rubber tubing, and when trying to insert the metal cage back by pushing it far enough in, and against the rubber tubing, so that the metal rod could pass through, and line up with the second hole, it wouldn’t. I made several attempts before giving up, and foregoing the rubber tubing. The metal rod without the rubber tubing lined up perfectly. Again, I checked the metal cage back, which fits. Neither hamster can get out. The two Omlets are now put together, and really look beautiful, and were well thought out. My only thought, and it’s by no means a criticism, but merely a suggestion for future design changes. The Omlet is two levels. The bottom is where the bedding goes, and the top is where the food dish, wheel and water bottle go. The top floor is made up of a metal grid on the front and back, and a plastic flooring in the center, which is where the tube runs through for the hamster to go up and down. Both hamsters for whatever reason don’t care to keep their food in the dish, and have decided that they like it in the back corner on the metal grid, which then drops through the metal flooring and in the back, behind the Omlet, and onto the floor. I’ll be jimmying something to catch the food. It’s really more of an issue with the back. If the unit were in casters, it would be easier to move. I understand the gridding was to allow air to circulate, but perhaps a 1-2” tray or shelf could be attached, to catch what they push out. Just an idea. Otherwise, it’s two thumbs up

Would have been a 5* but urine leakage - Natasha,

This is a fantastic cage perfect for our Syrian hamster.. With it being a combined piece of furniture as well as a cage it means the hamster (OREO) isn't just stuck away in a corner and forgotten about, but more intigrated with the family. The plastic tray means we can see her and watch her and lift it out to interact. The concept is such a good one the only draw back I can find and why I ve only given it a 4* is that the urine can leak out of the edges which is unsightly and awkward to clean have to use a cotton bud.. So easy when doing a full clean and bedding change though just take it apart pop it in the bath spay and shower it down.

Quality not as good as it's looks - Philip, Bucks,

It's a lovely idea for a hamster 'home' and looks great, but considering the hefty price tag, it may be worth considering cheaper alternatives. One of the clear plastic drawers arrived with a large crack in it and the main catch to the wire cage snapped off within weeks of use. It was also quite time consuming / frustrating to put together -- All in all, very much like the Ikea furniture it strives to be: Very pretty when you eventually finish putting it together, but appearances are deceptive...

Omlet Says: Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to review your purchase . We are very sorry to hear that you were not entirely pleased with your order. I have sent you an email in order to organise some replacements for the damaged parts. Yours, The Omlet Team.

Quite Hamster cage - Aubree,

We love this cage so much, the only thing I could recommend is a replacement parts so we can keep forever. We have accidentally chipped the plastic bin that pulls out and would like to replace it.

Omlet Says: Good afternoon, Thank you for your review, for all replacement parts please give us a call and we can happily place a new order for you. Kind regards, Omlet

Hamster cage - Ophelia,

We bought this cage about two years ago now, my hamster has loved it. Good quality and plenty of storage !!

Fabulous, well thought out cage. Gerbils, kids and grown ups all love it - Philippa,

We are first time pet owners within very limited space and two desperately enthusiastic small children. The cage fits on top of our built in toy cupboard and so the gerbils are at eye level. We have a constant stream of interested visitors and can take out the removable drawer for even better viewing by trusted friends. This cage works perfectly for us and has made caring for the gerbils easy and fun. Highly recommended!

The Best Designed Hamster Cage! - Garrett,

I got myself a little friend after I ordered this cage and she loves it!!!! It was so easy to build and it looks absolutely stunning compared to other cafes out in the market. I highly recommend this cage!!!

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