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Best Gerbil Cage EVER! -

We are so happy we got this cage. We have been through maybe 3 cages and could never find the right one that was both easy to clean and perfect for the gerbil. This is perfect! Hands down best cage design EVER. This cage is worth every penny!


Just wanted to say... - East Sussex,

I haven't actually received this item yet but I was looking at this with my partner and we both made the comment about what a great idea this is to teach children responsibility for their own pets because of the simplicity and effortless way this has been designed for cleaning. Such a great concept and I'm so glad I came by this site just by chance. I will be leaving another review on the arrival of my new cage :)

Fantastic home for small pets. -

Best home I've ever given to my pet gerbils. It's great for them and not messy for me. So easy to keep clean, without half the contents being scattered all over the floor!

Great and easy to build -

Arrived quickly, easy to put together, great new design.

King - west sussex,

This cage is fantastic! I had the basic cage from pets corner which was too small. This two story one is perfect to give my hamster the extra room and is a great size to integrate into any room in your home! The tube to connect the levels adds interest. The door at the front to open the top is so much more convenient and the draw makes cleaning the cage out so much easier! Water bottle it came with started to drip and customer services were amazing at getting back to me so quickly and sending a replacement. Have ordered more from this company for my hamster and will continue to!

White Qute Gerbil And Hamster Cage With Storage - Virginia,

Love this cage and looks very cute. Much easier for my daughter to clean vs the little cages you get from the pet store. I am rating this a a 4 because the wrong directions were provided as the cages with storage is slightly different from the basic cage. The water bottle is junk and leaks everywhere by the time you attach to the cage, the water bottle is empty. Everything else is perfect and love this cage. I wish they only made a larger version for guinea pigs. Hint Hint

Omlet Says: Thank you for your feedback Christina. We are glad you and your daughter like the Qute. The issue with your water bottle doesn't sound right: our customer service team will contact you to replace it.

Stylish cage...fantastic customer service! -

This cage is lovely, easy to clean, great for gerbils and looks fantastic! (our friends have one) But what I was really impressed with was the customer service. After buying we changed our mind and decided to go for a different pet. One phone call with a very pleasant lady and the packaged cage was picked up by courier and a refund given within the week. I will definitely shop with Omlet again when we get our puppy.

Brilliant hamster cage -

Looks really good, our two dwarf hamsters love it and they've not had any problems with getting up and down the tube.

Stylish look, some design flaws, but a bit small. -

Overall we're really pleased with our cage. It's great to be able to keep your hamster in their familiar territory at the top of the cage, whilst you clean the bottom, and vice versa. The pull out drawer has been fantastic whilst we have been taming our hamster to feel comfortable around us. I don't think this would have been as easy with a traditional cage unless it had a drop down front? As other reviews have stated, urine does seep into the corners of the plastic box. It doesn't seep out, just into the joints. So when we clean our bottom box; we have been completely disassembling the box and reassembling. This is a little annoying, but not a great problem. Our main concern is just the general overall size of the cage. We just wish it was a little bigger for the welfare of our hamster. Our hamster also back fills his tube every morning when he goes to sleep at the bottom; this can be noisy! But this is our hamster rather than anything to do with the cage. I wish we could have an extension option or you still sold the double Qute. Or maybe a stylish 90 - 100 cm cage that was just all on one level?

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