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Great for Tortoises too! -

Our Eglu classic is home to two very happy tortoises. There is lots of room for them to graze in the run and the actual Eglu itself is cosy enough for them to hibernate in. They put themselves to bed in autumn and I simply stuff it with hay and close the door. I open it agin in April and, when they are ready, they wake up and come out - no more listening to the cardboard box for signs of life! The step up into the Eglu is a little steep for a tortoise so we made a little step and put some carpet down so they can get a bit of a grip (the plastic is a bit slippy for them) Highly recommended for discerning tortoises!

a fantastic buy - 11 years on - N Somerset,

I recently found my original order for my orange classic eglu, and could not quite believe it was dated 11 years ago! it was bought as a Rablu, then changed to an eglu over the years, but it has been in permanent use for 11 years and is still working well. At the time we thought it was an expensive treat, but it's worked out loads cheaper than wooden equivalents and still looks a fantastic feature in the garden.

Best rabbit home ive had! -

Brilliant product! Love the colours and the modern look. Brilliant mechanism for taking enclosed area apart to clean and to swing door shut without needing to put your hand in. So brilliant idea if you wanted to contain your bunnies in the enclosed area or run whilst enclosed area is being cleaned. What would make it perfect is if it was like the eglu chicken cube, this would make it a bit more spacious to suit two large rabbits and would make it absolute luxuary for smaller or medium ones. Also it would be raised off the ground more which is even better for rabbits. Otherwise a great buy, and ill definitly be visiting this site in the hope of a raises version like the eglu cube is made. Very happy bunnies :)

Rabbit classic and run -

Purchased a blue 10 year old + classic from eBay to summer board the school rabbits...the eglu really has stood the test of time. Yes it's faded a little and the runs a little bit rusty in the odd place, but the integrity of the structure is good as new. It's far, far easier to clean out than a wooden hutch for a start and the need for the consumables has decreased significantly. Was nervous about leaving the eglu door open on the 1st night, but have full confidence the rabbits are safe day and night. Fortunate to live close to Omlets head office so popped in for a new cover and screw pegs, which are amazing if you've been using tent pegs instead!! Yes an Eglu is dearer than a wooden combo but that's far outweighed by the longevity of the product and the option to resell when it's no longer needed. Add on the quality of life and natural habits of a rabbit and I wish we'd bought 1 from new in the 1st place.

eglu for rabbit - gwynedd,

we have two eglus and worth every penny !! Wooden hutches are a waste of time and need replacing often so better invest in one of these fantastic easy clean eglu's. And if you give up keeping rabbits you still get a good price selling second hand on ebay!

Great product -

I thought that I should write a review after reading everyone's reviews. This is a fantastic product and I know that there have been comments that it is slightly pricy but don't let this put you off.we have had our Eglu for 8 years. It is great quality and I couldn't recommend this product more. Don't bother with a wooden hutch this will be the best home ever for your Guinea pigs or rabbits.

Happy bunnies happy owner -

Very pleased with bunnies ate their previous wooden hutch within 2 years ! Waste of money ! They love their new lodgings as do I ,they ate free to roam around the run and I am happy they are safe and stimulated .We previously let them roam the garden but they ate everything and started on the neighbours gardens

Brilliant! - Leicestershire,

Ordered Tuesday, arrived 9am today via Parcelforce as arranged. I ordered the Green rabbit eglu with 2m run plus 2mx2m full height walk in run for 2 bunnies and I have built the eglu and the standard run by myself this morning. It took around 2 and a half hours and (other than slightly sore fingers from the clips) it was pretty easy to build. I'm totally delighted with it, the bunnies are in it now and seem to love it - can't wait to see them when the WIR is attached!! The shade is different to the one in the picture but looks more substantial so I think I like it better. Fantastic product, will be back for the chicken version

Best rabbit cage EVER! - England,

This is literally the best invention. It is so easy compared to a wooden huntch! It is super easy to clean and very good quality. Water and food bowl is easy to grab and top up. I would suggest this to anyone! I think it is a bit on the pricer side! But worth all of it. One thing I would suggest buying is a rain cover as they rain cover that is included only covers half the huntch. But would get it 100%

The best rabbit cage there is! - Gloucestershire,

The eglu for rabbits is just fabulous, easy to clean, low maintenance, very spacious and well made. Initially a expensive purchase but we'll worth the money, if you look after it well it will last for many years. My bunny loved his eglu as much as I do. I always recommend the eglu to everyone for rabbits or chickens. I'm forever bragging about my eglu, showing pictures to the vets and people at the pet shop and generally anyone that will look and listen.

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