Create a lovely, fresh and floral environment for your pets’ hutch with Omlet’s Herbal Pet-pourri . Not only will this carefully selected range of dried herbs and flowers give the hutch a lovely summery smell, the unique blend has also been chosen for its natural pest repellent qualities, helping to keep lice and mites away from your rabbits or guinea pigs.

The Omlet Herbal Pet-pourri is totally nibble safe for rabbits and guinea pigs, and many of the ingredients have medicinal properties. For example, dandelion is said to help cure respiratory ailments, and chamomile is sometimes used for pain relief. So don’t worry if you see your pets nibble away at their pet-pourri - it will only do them good!

Sprinkle a small handful in your pets’ hutch or mix in with the hay or bedding. Remember to always give treats in moderation, and remove from the hutch if you see any signs of upset.

Composition: Nettle, Marigold Flower, Hibiscus Flowers, Dandelion Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Dried Carrot, Parsley, Peppermint, Basil, Fennel Seeds. Please note that the quantity of each ingredient might vary between packets.

The total weight of the product including packaging is 125g

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