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Omlet’s Award-Winning Pet Houses and Accessories

We have been designing award-winning pet products since 2004. Owners love our easy-to-clean chicken coops which come with everything you need to get started. Choose from our predator-resistant range, including the modern Eglu Go Chicken Coop or the Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop for up to 10 Hens.

It’s not just chickens that adore our range of pet products. Those with pedigree and house cats can give their feline a safe time outside with our Large Outdoor Catio. It can be customised with cat climber trees and comfy cat beds to make it a haven your furry friend will love.

Training your puppy has never been easier than with our dog crates for the home and car. These dog houses are designed to look stylish in your home, as well as being practical for you and your pet’s needs. Maximise their comfort by placing a cosy dog bed in their crate. Owners also love the storage area that you can add to the Fido Studio and Nook which neatly conceals all your dog's toys, leads, and accessories.

The easy-to-clean Eglu Go Pet Hutch is a brilliant alternative to a traditional rabbit or guinea pig hutch. For a stylish and escape-proof Hamster habitat look no further than the beautiful Qute Modern Hamster Cage. Whichever product you choose you'll find the design innovation that has made Omlet a world-famous pet brand. And our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is here to offer you help and advice whenever you need it.

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