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The Omlet Guide to Pets

The Omlet Guide to Pets

The Omlet Guide to Pets

Welcome to the Omlet Guides. They have lots of information about keeping all kinds of pets. You can learn about feeding, houses and much more.

Beekeeping Guide

Bees are magical creatures with their highly developed social structures and absorbing behaviour ,you will find them fasinating. This guide covers everything you need to know about bees, beekeeping beehives and much more.

Chicken Guide

From local chicken laws to keeping happy, healthy hens, our guide has more than scratched the surface. With advice on feeding, hatching, foraging, and keeping pesky predators at bay, we’ll take you from beginner to pro in the flap of a feathered wing.

Duck Guide

Why did the duck ditch her umbrella? Because her feathers are waterproof. Fun fact, if a terrible joke. These water loving waddlers make fascinating pets, so dive deep and discover the wet and wonderful world of duck keeping.

Finch and Canary Guide

Got birds on the brain? So have we. Find out which fabulous finch or colourful canary is right for you, and how to create a harmonious habitat to keep them happy and healthy.

Gerbil Guide

What’s Genghis Khan got to do with gerbils? Read on for a dinner party titbit you can trot out at any table. These delectably diminutive animals make super pets; burrow into our guide to see if caring for one is for you.

Guinea Pig Guide

Friendly and mostly undemanding, these little cuties make great pets. Learn about their heritage, numerous toes, (lack of) tail, and find out if cavies are a fit for your family.

Hamster Guide

Small, sweet, and popular the world over, hamsters make the most perfect pets. Keep yours healthy and happy with our guide to creating a harmonious hamster habitat.

Incubation Guide

From doing it the old fashioned way (nestled under mamma hen) or with a home incubator, this guide has all you need to know about breeding and incubating your own fledgling flock.

Parrot Guide

From petite parrotlets to majestic macaws, bringing one of these amazing birds home is bound to make your heart soar. Swoop in for all you need to know about housing, feeding and training your parrot, plus tips on how to help them lead long, happy and stress-free lives.

Quail Guide

Garden too small for chickens? Consider quails. These beautiful little birds are prolific egg layers and bound to crack a smile from even the most hardened onlooker. Read on to see if quails could be your favourite feathered friend.

Rabbit Guide

Ever heard of rabbit TV? These adorably entertaining animals will have you glued to the hutch for hours on end. Dive down our rabbit hole of useful info and get to grips with all things rabbit.

Worm Composting Guide

In the words of the great Charles Darwin, who devoted years to studying the earthworm. "It may be doubted whether there are many other animals in the world which have played so important a part in the history of the world.". This guide will teach you everything you need to know about these wonderful creatures.