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Geo Bird Cage for Budgies, Finches and Canaries

The revolutionary Geo Bird Cage is a breathtaking, contemporary design that redefines what a pet bird's habitat can and should be!

Choose Your Geo Bird Cage for Budgies, Finches and Canaries

A yellow budgie flies towards an open door of the Geo Bird Cage while a blue budgie perches at the centrally located feed station inside the cage The Geo Bird Cage is a fascinating piece of design that redefines what a bird cage can be

The Geo bird cage is characterised by its striking geodesic design. Modern, mathematical and minimalist it creates a fascinating talking point in your home. It looks great in any setting: living room or conservatory is brought to life by the Geo Bird Cage.

Benefits of the Geo Bird Cage:

  • Unique shape offers more flight space than traditional budgie cages.
  • Suitable for all small birds: including budgies, finches and canaries.
  • Timeless design complements any interior.
  • ‘No-Spill’ feeder and drinker keep the cage clean and tidy.
  • Customisable with a choice of base and mesh colours, as well as a beautifully designed stands.
  • Two perches, feeder and drinker included as standard.
  • Beautifully designed constellation night cover also available.
  • Elegant bamboo tripod legs available as an accessory.
A finch sitting on the removable perching ring that surrounds the central feed station within the Geo Bird Cage The central food and water station features a removable perching ring for smaller birds such as finches

Birds like budgies, finches and canaries like to feed and drink throughout the day. In the Geo Bird Cage the generous food and water containers are placed centrally. A sculptural object in it’s own right, watching your birds feeding and drinking becomes a real joy. Refilling your birds’ food and water is quick and easy; simply lift the compartments out of the cage. In addition, the Geo comes with a finch ring which can be removed if using with larger birds, like budgies.

"Bird cages are usually dull but the Geo is so different! The tripod stand is elegant and has the advantage of a small footprint and my birds have settled in immediately!"

Innovative 'No Spill' Bird Feeder

When budgies and other birds eat they cleverly peel the husk away from seeds with their beaks. The husk is then discarded by the birds and in a normal cage it will be blown out when the birds fly and land on the floor. The Geo Bird Cage solves this problem with a brilliant feeder that securely catches husks and seeds as they fall, meaning your bird cage stays clean and tidy and your home does too! It’s very satisfying to empty the collected husks when you give your Geo Bird Cage it’s weekly clean.

A simple animation showing the mechanism by which spilled husks and seeds are collected in a hopper beneath the bird feeder of the Geo Budgie Cage Spillages that occur during feeding are contained within the lower compartment of the feeder
A close up of someone tipping the discarded seeds and husks collected by the innovative feeder of the Geo Bird Cage into a bin The husks can neatly be disposed of while the bird cage remains clean and tidy

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A graphic showing that the Geo Bird Cage provides 44% more space for birds than a traditional budgie cage of comparable width The geodesic cage offers more space than a traditional bird cage of comparable width

The Geo gives your pet budgies, canaries and finches space to fly in all directions. Many traditional cages are shallow front-to-back giving birds only one direction in which to fly. In contrast, the geodesic shape has no such limiting dimension, which means your birds can exercise in any direction. The Geo Bird Cage is comfortably large enough for two birds and the wire spacing is suitable for all kinds of small birds so it can be enjoyed by budgies, finches and canaries.

"The geodesic shape is not just beautiful to look at - it provides your birds with space to exercise in all directions."

A close up of someone wiping clean the base of the Geo Bird Cage while in the background two budgies sit on a perch within the mesh dome of the cage The Geo Budgie Cage is incredibly practical and only takes a moment to clean

Due to its practical design features, including the no-spill feeder and paper liners, the Geo is an incredibly low maintenance bird cage. When it’s time for a clean you can simply detach the whole cage from the base using the five clips, which conveniently stay in the open position on the cage.

You can use paper liners, sand or both in the base of the Geo. The base is made of hard wearing, wipe clean plastic. The Geo Bird Cage comes with a complimentary pack of 10 paper liners. After refreshing the cage you simply reattach the cage to the base, and in just a few minutes your Geo is now clean, fresh and ready to go!

Available In Gold, White Or Black Mesh Available in gold, white or black mesh

For the mesh you can choose between classic black with grey nodes, a subtle white with cream nodes that looks great against a white wall or modern gold with cream nodes that will compliment the beauty of your birds perfectly.

A Choice Of Fantastic Colours

The Geo Budgie Cage base is available in two sophisticated colours chosen to complement your home. The cream base will suit any interior colour scheme and seamlessly blend into your home, while the teal base offers a pop of colour, to match your birds, which is perfect for a fun family room or kids bedroom.

The Geo Bird Cage on a wooden stand with a cream coloured base The Geo Bird Cage with a cream base
The Geo Bird Cage on a wooden stand with a teal coloured base The Geo Bird Cage with a teal base
A young girl opening the door of the Geo Bird Cage while a blue budgie flies towards an open door on the other side of the cage You can position the two doors of the Geo Budgie Cage to suit your requirements

While most bird cages feature a single door, with the Geo Bird Cage you get two doors for better access to your birds. Thanks to the geodesic design, you can position the doors in multiple positions to suit your requirements.

Once your budgies have had time to get used to their new home, you can of course also let them out for flying time outside the Geo. Removing the cage top and waiting for them to return to the feeder is an easy way of rehousing them.

"The base tray and feeder are all so easy to clean which makes it much easier for my nan to keep on top of. She really is loving having the budgie, whistling and singing along with it!"

Two budgies on a perch within the Geo Bird Cage with the night cover peeled back half way Your birds will sleep under a blanket of stars with the Geo Constellation Cover

A bird cage cover with a difference. The Constellation Geo Cover is decorated on the inside with a map of the stars so your budgies can enjoy the wonder of the night sky from the tranquility of their perch. Simply place the cover over the Geo when it’s bedtime for your budgies and they can try to spot Orion, Ursa Major and maybe even a shooting star before they nod off to sleep!

Easy To Fill Feeder And Drinker

The food and water containers locate into the central unit without any clips making removing them as simple as can be. Each container has two cups so that your birds can eat at the same time. The circular design of the food and water station is ideal for budgies, finches and canaries to fly to and perch on from anywhere in the cage. The feeder holds approximately 120g of bird seed while the water compartment has a capacity of 175ml.

The bird feeder being removed from the Geo Budgie Cage Simply lift the food and water compartments out of the cage for easy refilling
The water compartment of the Geo Bird Cage being filled with fresh water The water compartment is completely enclosed to ensure that your bird's water stays clean
Bathing is an essential part of plumage maintenance for birds

The Geo Bird Bath and Mirrors have been custom designed for the angled, geometric sides of the Geo Bird Cage.

Like other birds, budgies love shiny things, and the Geo Bird Mirror is a fantastic cage accessory for them to enjoy. Your budgie will love the sparkling reflections from the mirror, and be intrigued by the good looking buddie in front of them! They can spend hours chatting to and preening with their new roommate, and for solitary as well as paired budgies, this is a stimulating way to enrich their habitat.

Bathing is an essential part of plumage maintenance for birds; by dampening the feathers they loosen dust and dirt, making it easier to preen their beautiful feathers. Your bird will love the addition of this striking blue Bird Bath, which can also be used as a container, ideal for yummy greens or other larger treats.

An overview of the free accessories included with the Geo Bird Cage including two perches, ten disposable bird cage liners and the bird feeder and drinker assembly complete with detachable perching ring The Geo comes complete with accessories including two perches and a pack of disposable bird cage liners

The Geo comes complete with two perches for your birds to enjoy, the innovative feeder and drinker assembly and finch ring as standard. The perches simply hook to the mesh of the cage and can be positioned (and re-positioned) to your choosing. You will also receive a free pack of 10 paper liners to make cleaning quick and easy.

Geo Maximum Product Dimensions:
Geo Bird Cage: 62cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 60cm (D)
Geo Bird Cage with High Stand: 136cm (H) x 72cm (W) x 72cm (D)

Geo Packaging Dimensions:
Boxed Geo Bird Cage: 65cm x 61.4cm x 20cm / 5.98kg
Boxed Geo Bird Cage Stand High: 97cm x 20.5cm x 6.4cm / 1.93kg

Geo Product Materials:
Bird Cage Mesh: Coated Mild Steel Wire
Perches: Pine, Mild Steel Wire
Disposable Cage Liners: Paper
Bird Cage Stand: Bamboo
Bird Cage Cover: Polyester

Click here to watch a step by step How To Build video for the Geo Bird Cage.

Verified Reviews - Geo Bird Cage for Budgies, Finches and Canaries

Canary is singing again - Amy,

I love the design of this and wanted to transition my lone male canary out of an aviary cage into something more manageable for me. 1st I bought a white cage but all my zebra finches I housed in it died for unknown reasons. So, I bought the Geo cage in gold & cream. It went together easily. I love the feeder design & love the cover design. I added a millet clip & a plastic (clean/new) fish tank plant. He loves it and started singing again making my mornings cheerful with song. It’s big enough to also house a female canary plus canary nest. Canaries are hard to find in my area of Maryland.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

This reviewer has 1 Yellow Warbler Canar pets

Nice stand - Dena, Arizona,

I love the height of the stand. We couldn’t put it together at first because one of the screws was faulty. They sent us new hardware really quickly though and we were able to put it together.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage Stand - Full Height

This reviewer has 2-4 Parakeets pets

Great quality!! - Faraz,

The night cover is well made and suited perfectly for the its purpose. We are very happy with your product and also your costumer service. We have two of your cages and night covers and they are well suited to our pet needs not to mention they week designed look. Thank you
Review for: Geo Bird Cage Night Cover - Midnight Blue

This reviewer has 1 Budgies pets

Love this cage - Hoe,

I purchased this cage for my parrotlet “jojo”. The cage was easy to assemble and looks great in my living room. It is quite spacious for my baby and he seems quite content in it. Cleaned his cage yesterday for the first time and I was amazed how quick and east it was. I highly recommend this cage. Me and jojo and I love it .
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

This reviewer has 10+ Parrotlet pets

Mess free and beautiful - An Omleteer,

I have had an Omlet cube for approximately 14 years now and also the walk in run which actually houses two coops, both going strong and look as good as the day they were assembled. Needless to say when my sons ‘came home’ with a kakariki parakeet I was straight onto Omlet and found the Geo cage (what’s not to love!) which I ordered ( gold bars and cream base) Easy to assemble all you need is a phillips screwdriver and a bit of patience, make sure all pieces are facing inwards with the bars just like the top handle piece with the Omlet name on, also the smaller pentagons are for near the top of the cage and larger hexagons for the bottom two layers and the very top 5. The bird went straight in after I put its old cage door next to the new opening and found the food and water feeders east to use pretty much straight away It has more space as this shape is bigger than you think no tight unusable corners. Haven’t cleaned out yet but the Omlet vid makes it look easy enough. Love it and so does Dave
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

This reviewer has 1 Kakariki pets

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