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Caddi Chicken Treat Holder

Keep food off the ground and entertain your hens at the same time with the new Caddi Chicken Treat Holder from Omlet!
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caddi alt tag The Caddi Treat Holder provides a clean and tidy way of feeding your hens a wide variety of food

The Caddi is great for feeding your chickens all kinds of food including fresh vegetables, fruit as well as blocks of seeds and nuts. Keeping your hen’s treats off the floor is not only tidy and practical but it’s the cleanest and healthiest way to feed your flock. The Caddi measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel with a waterproof rain cap.

caddi alt tag Children love to feed their hens using the Caddi Chicken Treat Holder

With the Caddi Treat Holder feeding time can be a great source of entertainment for your hens and enriches their environment. A Caddi treat holder can also be useful when adding new chickens to the flock as it’s a great form of distraction. The feeder gently swings as the food is pecked, creating a fun and engaging challenge for your chickens. It is also a fun way for children to feed and interact with their hens as they can easily fill and hang the feeder.

"I have tried cabbage leaves, broccoli and spinach so far, all have been a big hit and have kept the hens entertained for hours. As soon as they see me coming down the garden to fill the Caddi they start jumping for joy!"

caddi alt tag You can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any chicken run thanks to the adjustable nylon string

The nylon string is adjustable in length so that you can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any type of chicken run, including wooden chicken coops, the Walk in Chicken Run or from the perches of your PoleTree Chicken Perch Tree. The plastic hook means it is quick and straightforward to detach the feeder for cleaning and refilling.

caddi alt tag Increased dietary variety helps to boost your flock's health and improves the quality of eggs they produce

The Caddi Treat Holder provides an easy way for you to increase the variety of food that you give to your chickens. The design is suitable for nearly all types of food and the increased dietary variety will help to improve your chicken’s general health and vitality and improve the quality of the eggs that they lay. For example spinach provides essential vitamins and minerals and make for lovely rich orange yolks.

caddi alt tag Caddi is the perfect compliment to the Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys for all your chicken treat feeding needs.

Why not combine your Caddi Treat Holder with Omlet's Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys to create the ultimate chicken treat feeding system? The Peck Toys are interactive grain feeders that combine fun, enriching entertainment with a tasty and rewarding flow of treats. The Pendant Peck Toy can be hung from your chicken's run while the Poppy Peck Toy simply pushes into the ground at your chosen location.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treat holder is 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across.
Just wipe clean with a cloth, or rinse under the sink with warm water and some washing up liquid.
Anything that is big enough not to fall out of the holes. The Caddi is perfect for seed blocks, fruit and vegetables, but you can also try different types of (chicken safe) kitchen scrap that you know your flock loves.
Try using a different type of treat, preferably something you know then chickens really like, and that is big enough that they can see it. Sprinkle some treats under the hanging Caddi to get them interested in approaching. You can also put the treat holder on the ground to start with so the flock can investigate it before you hang it up.

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Caddi Chicken Treat Holder

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First time Purchasing
Hello, I purchased the automatic door opener - new chick mom & dad :0), and after receiving it saw a post that if we purchased from them a certain amount, we would get the Caddi treat holder, I emailed Omlet and a week later received my Caddie holder and you guys, all of their products are made with beautiful quality and will last, ask my friend at Homestead and Chill, her auto door has been working on the original battery for three years & counting! Now, that's what I call Awesomeness! I will definitely recommend this company for these reasons and will purchase other items as needed.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
This reviewer has 4-6 Several pets
A bundle of fun!
Things we love about our treat dispensers and caddy: - Easy for Mum to clean and move around the garden or run when needed. - Convenient screw in lids and additional hanging hooks to ensure our treats are secure. - One of the dispensers has a leafed stem design with stake which is super cute too! Highly recommended to any flock to add some extra fun to playtime. Love Hank (Frizzle Roo)
Review for: Treat Dispenser Bundle
This reviewer has 2-4 Frizzle Rooster, Pol pets
Treat Caddy is a Winner!
The treat caddies are a great way to add nutrition and entertainment to your chicken run. We fill ours with kale, lettuce, corn cobs and cabbage. The chooks take right to it, and peck away until they get some tasty morsels and so far, the squirrels haven't been able to figure out how to get the treats out of it! Highly recommend.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder & Pendant Peck Toy
This reviewer has 6-8 pets
Hens love these toys ❤️
Great quality treat toys/dispensers. Keep my girls entertained for hours. Shipping was fast and packaging was perfect!
Review for: Treat Dispenser Bundle
This reviewer has 10+ Laying Hens pets
The hens soon started using them
I chose these items for the enrichment of my hen run as we have problems with predators and cannot let them free range at t his time.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder & Pendant Peck Toy
This reviewer has 4-6 Bluebell, Blacktail pets
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