The Omlet Guide to Keeping Ducks

Ducks are the comedians of the bird world. Spending time in the company of ducks will have you laughing along with them as they quack and waddle about. Some breeds, such as the Campbell, will lay just as many eggs per year as chickens but with the added benefit that ducks are waterproof. With a little preparation they can live very happily in your garden. In this guide you will learn the basics of how look after ducks as well as some fascinating facts.

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Moya, 18 September 2020

Would your duck house be suitable for 3 runner ducks? They're all male - and will be free range during the day - so for night time use only. Thanks

Jeff, 28 May 2020

Do you have any silver appleyard ducklings for sale? Thanks, Jeff

Happy, 22 May 2020

We keep our ducks in an Eglu (originally a rabbit one as we had one and it has no perches compared to the chicken one, but Eglu do a specific duck one). We like it because we can leave the house door open and they can choose to sleep inside or in the run. It is also very easy to clean. Ducks can be mucky so it's nice to be able to hose the house floor weekly to keep them clean. They free range in the day. You can also use a wooden duck house or such, they are quite adaptable, it depends on how much you want to spend, how much cleaning you will want to do and if they have access to further space. I hope that helps,

Pamela, 12 May 2020

Which coop would you recommend for ducks?

Clint, 10 January 2020

I'm looking for some baby Muscovy ducklings can u help I live in Kingsport TN

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