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Moderate assembly. May require planning for non-standard shapes - Dublin,

Assembly is ok, on a par with Lego or IKEA instructions. Which is to say the information is all there, check the drawings carefully for details. The kit is designed for an enclosure. If you are using the fence as a strip, the gate/endpiece may not position conveniently, so there may be some amendments required. Likewise if you need 2 openings.

Easy and Safe -

Love the Omlet Chicken coop!

We ADORE our Omlet Coop! -

My husband and I have had chickens for many years and have gone through numerous coops. We recently decided to "restart" with our chickens. We searched for a coop that was contained, easily movable and GREAT quality. Those are hard to find, but Omlet made it easy. The building instructions and you-tube how to videos made assembly unbelievably easy, and we got it done in one afternoon. The clean out tray feature and the door between the nest and the sleeping area are our favorite parts. Our chickens seem super happy with our coop, and so are we!


Great price, and the girls love it !

MK2 fencing vs old style -

Initially when I received this fencing (it was my 2nd time purchasing Omlet fencing), I was disappointed because it wasn't like the old style; which in my opinion, was cuter. I also had to finagle the two together, as they were incompatible. Many months later, I have decided why the newer fencing (Mk2) is better than the old (Mk1). We've become aware of foxes and some new kits in our area. Today, nearby the fence area, I spotted fox droppings. So I began closely inspecting the perimeter of my Omlet fence line (both newer plastic & older woven cloth), I discovered 7 chewed through places on the old woven fence. None of the plastic fencing had been touched (or at least not damaged). The old woven fencing which I originally favored, will now go away, and I will be purchasing more Mk2 fencing. Also, because of the nocturnal predators which we have in the area, I do shut the Omlet coop door every night to keep my chickies safe.

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