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Love my walk-in run! - Monica,

We show and breed guinea pigs. Had select monitored days before that we would let them out to play in a pen on the grass. The guinea pig loves loves being outside. I bought the Omlet 9x12x6 walk-in run for our 10 girls to stay outside year round. Spring summer fall winter. You read that right! Built an insulated outside house for them added an Omlet tunnel for their door. Over top there is a clear tarp that keeps the rain/snow mostly out of immediate walking area. Inside the run, I use hemp on the ground. Hemp helps wick moisture away. Keeping their walking area dry. Guinea pigs are very good at keeping warm. Need help to keep cool. We have rent-a-coop 5-gallon water bucket modified for their water (heated in winter) their pellets are outside in a big bowl. Pellets kept topped off daily. Fresh grass and clean hay provides daily. We’ve had hawks and owls come down to look at the run but as yet have not figured out how to get the occupants. Everyone was dry and warm over winter. We have very happy retired sows and grow-out sows. Awesome product.
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020 This reviewer has 8-10 American Abyssinian pets

Great for my guinea pigs - Suzie, West Sussex,

I bought this so I could walk in and catch my guinea pigs when it's time for them to go home, rather than scrambling about on the floor on my hands and knees, with a normal little run. I absolutely love it, easy to put up, would highly recommend this to anyone with guinea pigs, rabbits or chickens⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 2 x 3 x 2

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 8-10 Guinea pigs pets

Brilliant - Sean,

We wanted to create a grea environment for our three guinea pigs so they have lots of room to run around and play. We are also all able to sit in with them which has been lovely for our three children. We are very happy we purchased this along with the Eglu hutch which is also brilliant.
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 2 x 3 x 2

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Great buy - Carol,

I love this run, so do my 2 Guinea pigs they can have the freedom of the extra space and I can have piece of mind knowing they are safe, they can’t get out and nothing can get it. My husband put it all together, first by laying it all out making it easier, it took around an hour
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 2 x 2 x 1

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - Brandon,

Now this is something that my daughter could really use for her guinea pigs. My sister has one just like this for her kids guinea pigs and it really is amazing.
Review for: Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

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