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Cat Beds

Elevated elegance and custom comfort meet in the Omlet cat beds. Discover our variety of easy-to-clean, machine washable cat beds with high performance memory foam mattresses and super soft cushions for the ultimate in cat comfort. Available in designer donut shapes or cushioned bolster backings, each bed is customisable with different colours and feet to meet your cat’s specific needs and enhance your home decor.

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Donut Cat Beds
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Bolster Cat Beds

Why buy a cat bed designed by Omlet

At Omlet, we know that cats are creatures of comfort and we think their beds should be, too. So we carefully engineered our cat beds to provide both comfort and durability while perfecting each bed with high quality materials that not only give your cat the luxury they deserve, but are also meticulously curated to complement any part of your home. Our product engineers take pride in creating unique comfort solutions for every cat and we invite you to create the perfect cat bed for your furry friend.