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Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter - Green

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Add a brilliant new Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter to your guinea pigs’ run and watch as they pop in one door and out the other. Guinea pigs have a natural instinct to seek a hidey hole and the Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter is perfect for providing protection from wind, rain and sun whilst offering a place where they can feel secure, settled and relaxed.

The Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter is ideal for use in the Zippi Guinea Pig Run and Playpen. The shelter can also be used as a fun and enriching accessory toy in the run of an Eglu Go Hutch or Outdoor Guinea Pig Run.

The shelter has two entrances, so that one animal can leave if another is coming in. Your pets can also use the holes to run through the shelter.

Available in two stunning colours, matching the Eglu Guinea Pig Hutches.

Product Dimensions: 329 x 329 x 209 mm

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Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter - Green

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Not An Ideal Standalone Hidey Without Doing Some DIY
Guineaowner, Cork,
I was looking for a two-way corner hidey and this one appeared to be perfect. However, the design is not the best if you intend to use it as a standalone hidey. The reason for this is that it is designed to connect other combinations such as tunnels and platforms. As a result, you get four rather large elevated holes on the bottom of each corner on a ledge that is pointing to the inside. Guinea pig's feet/toes could easily get stuck in there. Having such ledge there is also not convenient if you are already intending in using absorbent fleece underneath, which then does not use its entire surface. Also, the entrances are way too sharp. The solutions I found to make it work as a standalone hidey are the following: Use a sharp ‘thin’ knife to cut away the inside facing ledge so that the holes are gone. Then go around the entrances to make it less sharp/thicker with the same knife. You could veil it as well to make it smooth. But my experience thus far is that my guinea pigs start to bite the entrances from time to time and you have to keep cutting the newly occurred sharp edges again and again. This is a small effort though. Due to it being entirely made out of plastic, it is also a more suitable hidey for outdoor use than it is for indoor, where I am actually using it. I recommend to not use it as a standalone hidey unless you are willing to do some DIY on it as outlined above and as can be seen in the image.
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