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PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock!

Entertain your hens on a whole new level and use all the vertical height in your chicken run with the Omlet PoleTree Chicken Perch.

Choose Your PoleTree Chicken Perch - Entertainment for the Whole Flock!

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Select or Customise one of these Chicken Perch Kits

The Hentertainment Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

The Hensemble Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

The Eggcercise Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

The Eggonomical Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

The Hendurance Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

The Ultimegg Kit


Height: 1.70 - 2.15m

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Works in Any Chicken Enclosure Over 1.7m High

The PoleTree chicken perch design makes it super easy to securely fit to any chicken enclosure.

The PoleTree is a quick and easy to build chicken perch that fits in any chicken enclosure, including Omlet’s full height Walk in Chicken Run.

Simply adjust the height of the pole to fit, and then fix securely to the roof of your run with the supplied bracket.

Once you’ve attached the pole to your run you can add as many perches as you like. The brackets are easy to adjust, so you can move the perches up and down and around to create a fun PoleTree for your hens to explore.

Explore the PoleTree Chicken Perch

Tap the highlights icons to discover the PoleTree's accessories and options.

Pole to Pole Perch

Link vertical poles together with this longer perch so your chickens can move horizontally across the system.

Treat Dish

Attach to your pole for a fun and hygienic way of treating your chickens.

Short Perch

Positioned on the poles at any height and orientation for added entertainment.

Pole to Run Perch

Connect your pole to the side of your chicken enclosure with this longer perch for extra space and stability.

Discover the accessories for the customisable PoleTree chicken perch system

Customise your chicken perch system to suit your enclosure, and your chickens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on the size of your chickens, up to two could fit comfortably on the short rounded perch and up to five on the longer pole-to-run and pole-to-pole perches.
The perches are really easy to move around and reposition if you want to switch up your perch playground or add more accessories at a later date.
The vertical chicken perch tree pole kit 1.70 to 2.15 metres fits perfectly inside the full height Omlet Chicken Walk in Run.
You can secure the pole to the ground with the supplied pegs, and the pole attaches to the roof with an angled cap that is screwed together on either side of the roof mesh.
Yes, you can use the wall brace or top cap to screw your pole to your wooden enclosure using the supplied wood screws.
The pole consists of an aluminium pole, plastic foot/cap/connection components, rubber rings and shims, and steel fixings. The perches are made from eucalyptus wood and are attached with aluminium brackets, plastic shims, steel and plastic fixings. The Caddi is made from ABS, PE coated steel, and braided nylon. The Peck Toy is made from ABS, AS, and nylon braid. The pole treat dish is made from ABS.
Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain.
What height you choose to position your perches at depends on your flock. In the wild hens roost up in trees, so most will appreciate having tall perches to sit on. They might however need some practice to make it up the system, so it might be a good idea to start low and create a kind of chicken perch ladder for them to climb up.
The Short Perch is 51cm, the Pole to Pole Run is 105cm and the Pole to Run Perch is 107cm long. All designs of the perches have a diameter of 3.5cm.
The ideal chicken perch size depends on your chickens, but for the average laying hen, the perch diameter should be between 30-40mm. The PoleTree perches are 35mm. Make sure you have enough perch space for all hens in your flock, so no one gets left out.
Yes. The only exception is the treat dish, which can’t be fitted around the slightly narrower, extended bit of the vertical pole at the top.

Verified Reviews - PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock!

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Really Impressive Product! - Nick, Warwickshire,

We set up this chicken perch in the hopes of keeping the hens entertained throughout the upcoming winter months. It’s indisputable the care and consideration that is woven into designing a pet product like this. The hens are loving this new addition to their run and enjoy observing the rest of the flock on the various perches! Super high quality, easy to assemble, and would work for most runs.
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Eggcercise Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m

Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 4-6 pets

Great entertainment to me and my chucks! - Mark,

My chickens love the Omlet PoleTree, in particular my Welsummer, she loves jumping up on to the perches for treats. I attached it to my plum tree and fence post to make it nice and sturdy. I like that I can also hang various treats from the lower perches.Which brings great entertainment to me and my chucks!
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hendurance Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m

Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 4-6 Welsummer pets

Quality Omlet product - Shelley, Norfolk,

The perfect perch for hens both large and small. With adjustable perches I have been able to create the perfect perch height for tiny Pekin bantams to my giant Brahmas. Quality Omlet product with great attention to detail in fittings and finishes.
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hendurance Kit - 1.70 - 2.15m

Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 10+ pets

Customer Images - PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock! - 3 of 3

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