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Do cats love to disco? Conventional wisdom says, 'Huh?', we say, Switch on 1200 irresistible light modes and start the party with your cat.  

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for cats. Inspired by the magic when humans and animals connect, we watch, learn, ask and invent. Our products will make you wonder, why hasn't it always been done this way?

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"This takes scratching to the next level!"



"The coolest cat product!"



Baku and Yuki going wild for their Switch scratcher.



"The different settings keeps the cat entertained for hours."


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Woman crouched down and playing with the Switch cat scratcher with their cat.
Engineered by us, tested by cats.

Cats don’t always play ball. We tested the Switch with lots of cats, lots of times, to see what makes them tick. And we found that, yep, cats are contrary. So we embraced that.


Close up of cat looking up at Switch scratching post with rainbow lights.
Light up their scratcher from the comfort of your sofa.

We created a program of over 1200 variations of light and color you can tailor to suit your cat, then switch up to keep the entertainment unpredictable. 

  • 12 light programs
  • 7 colour settings
  • 3 brightness settings
  • 7 speed settings


In nature, cats scratch to keep their claws healthy and stretch their muscles, releasing a rush of relaxing endorphins. This is known as stropping, and the Switch is made for it.

With vertical grooves for a long, fluid scratch and full body stretch, it’s a brain training, full body workout that will leave your cat relaxed and loose limbed. 

couch cat?

Cat looking at light up cat scratcher with blue lights
Keeps indoor cats entertained and active.

The Switch is also a neat solution to the challenge of keeping indoor cats active. Evening in? Switch on and watch them go wild. Off to work? Keep them as busy as you’ll be, with LED prey to stalk all day.


Fluffy cat scratching Switch post in full body stretch.
20% taller than the average scratcher.

At 85cm, the Switch is 50% bigger than the average cat when fully extended, for a limitless scratching sesh they can lean right into. 


Fluffy cat climbing cream coloured Switch scratching post.
Anti topple technology provides stability.

It’s not just taller, it’s stronger. The Switch is topple proof, with a weighted low center of gravity, and engineered to withstand an explosive, adrenaline fuelled, apex predator attack. 

scratChing made sustainable

Woman assembling the Switch cat scratcher in cream with bamboo base.
Keep forever, just replace the sisal scratching sleeves.

Most scratchers get shredded - it’s what they’re for - and end their days on the dump. So, can a scratcher be destroyable and live forever? 

We designed the Switch differently, with 86% of the scratcher built to last indefinitely. Only 14%, the fully biodegradable sisal sleeve, needs replacing occasionally, which means the Switch saves up to 33.5kg of landfill over a cat’s lifetime. 

Ingeniously Engineered

With a bamboo base, cream or coffee colourway and design details like non-scratch cork feet and a 4m lead with in-built cable tidy, it will protect and complement your interior.  *Sassy tail flick*


Woman and her cat in front of light up cat scratcher

"The new Switch Scratcher is absolutely awesome. It’s an easy to install, innovative scratcher that Oliver loves. It‘s not just fun for the cat but it also provides some fun quality family time. Choosing between the different setting keeps the cat entertained for hours."

Joyce - Netherlands

Liam Tyler - Switch Ambassador

"This takes scratching to the next level! It has many light functions so your cat can chase and play day and night! It's been keeping our indoor kitties happy & entertained and also looks sleek in our home."

Liam - UK

Woman holding her cat in the garden

"The Switch is an innovative and creative switch-up from the ordinary cat scratcher. The light displays are mesmerising and keeps Cosmo entertained for hours. It’s durable and sturdy but also looks fantastic, which is always a winner from me!"

Chelsea - UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Switch has a durable bamboo base, tougher than white oak, an inner chamber made from fully recycled PET. Its main plastic components are constructed from tough, lightweight ABS. It has cork feet, a strong steel bracket, velcro strap and LED light strips.

This is somewhat down to the individual cat. We recommended you monitor the material, turn the sleeve around for a refresh, then replace it roughly every 6 months.

You can find replacement sleeves here.

Switch is designed for cats of all sizes, including big breeds like Maine Coons. The additional weight at the middle of the product means that the centre of gravity is really low, so that the scratcher doesn’t topple when your cat jumps or climbs on it. The Switch is also roughly 20% taller than the average cat scratcher, so that there’s plenty of room for full body stretches.

The Switch is mains powered and needs to be plugged in. Its 4m cable and cable tidy ensure you can place it wherever best suits you and your cat.

The Switch is for indoor use only.

Whilst we have tested extensively and are confident cats will engage with the ambient light settings, they may need time to start interacting confidently with it. In the meantime, you can encourage your cat by spraying the Switch with catnip mist, adjusting the light and speed modes to see if some appeal more than others, trying other places in the home and ensuring there’s plenty of play space around it, and turning it on after naps, which is when cats are most prone to stretch and play.

The lights are visible in daylight, however, if you want maximum impact, we recommend the cream colorway, as the coffee mutes the brightness slightly.

In short, no. The cost of running the LED will depend on your energy provider and for how many hours a day you’re using the lights, but in general LEDs are a very energy-efficient and cost-effective light source.

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Switch Scratching Post

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Entertainment !
As much fun for us as for the cats. Just watching the light display and the reactions is great fun! It also gets the cats exercising a lot as they chase the light!
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream (do not use this sku for IE)
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
I absolutely love this cat scratching post!
I absolutely love this cat scratching post, it is the best one I have ever owned and I have bought quite a few over the years. The Switch post is attractive to look at, is very hard wearing and the lights are just a bonus. I have 2 Maine Coon boys who love to have a good scratch and I have found that the usual sisal rope posts only last a couple of months before the rope comes off and the post is an eyesore and needs to be replaced, this post however still looks like new after several months of them using it. Another good thing about this post is that it is taller than other posts I have had which means that my large cats are able to stretch up and use the post as they would a tree. I am so pleased with the Switch post that I am considering buying a second one so they have a post upstairs as well.
Review for: Switch Sisal Cat Scratching Post - Coffee
Verified Omlet Product Tester
Can't recommend enough!
The ideal cat scratcher - not only is it super practical for my cats, but has a fun feature to engage them into using it! On top of this, it is a product that aesthetically fits in well with my home and isn't an eye sore, something you usually get with large cat scratchers! Can not recommend enough!
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream (do not use this sku for IE)
Verified Omlet Product Tester
Fantastic accessory!
The Omlet LED lights are a fantastic accessory to the Omlet Cat Scratching Post. The attractive colours, with a choice of patterns and moving sequences entertain my cats whilst encouraging them to use the Scratching Post. My cats and myself are delighted with them. Thank you Omlet.
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream (do not use this sku for IE)
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 1 pets
Another great Omlet product
My family and I do love this product. It's entertaining for not only our elderly cat, but also our dogs. It's also calming for the human side of the family. I love that that are several different LED light patterns and colors to choose. Another great Omlet product.
Review for: Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Coffee (Do not use this SKU for IE)
Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 1 pets
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