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Small Dog Crates

Our philosophy behind each small dog crate is that size matters. Engineered with durability and a sleek furniture design, we not only created a dog den, we created a dog home within a home, where even the smallest of dogs can feel safe and secure.

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Small dog dens for puppies and seniors

Discover Omlet’s wide variety of dog crates, from single small crate carriers to furniture-style dog dens that complement your interior. The easy folding, storage and twin door offerings make these small dog crates the perfect relaxation retreat to keep your pint-sized pup comfortable and safe. Exclusively designed as a slumber nook for your dog’s daydream, the Omlet small dog crates offer the comfort and security your small dog craves.

Learn how to crate train your puppy with our easy guide! Or if you’ve just adopted an older dog, help them settle in by crate training your senior pup to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible.

3 reasons you will love Omlet’s small dog crates

As pet parents ourselves, we questioned the run-of-the-mill dog crates and asked if there was a way to give our dogs more. With Omlet small dog crates, you will find 3 distinct benefits:

  • Comfortable: Dog dens should be as comfortable as your own bedroom. That’s why our dog crates feature unique options like wardrobe storage and universal dog bed compatibility to create the ultimate in canine comfort.
  • Usable: We see dog crates as more than just a training tool. Our dog crates are designed from classic to modern with the ability to integrate them into your space so your dog can enjoy it beyond puppyhood.
  • Durable: All of our dog crates are engineered from heavy duty welded steel wire that will stand the test of time and your dog’s many years.

Omlet challenges the pet care norm and we thought beyond the confines of just a single sleeping space to create exactly what small dogs need.

Your pup’s new favourite spot

The best comfort solutions are the ones that think outside the box. Or in our case, inside the crate. Our sleep easy offerings extend beyond the small dog crate to include supportive dog beds with memory foam mattresses that elevate your dog’s sleep. Top off your top dog’s daydreams with a super soft dog blanket to complete the total sleep satisfaction. And don’t worry, we thought about you as well - every bed cover and blanket is easy-to-clean and machine washable.

Bringing You Closer to Your Best Friend

At Omlet, our mission is to bring people and pets closer together. By always questioning what is, we are able to create unique solutions for what can be. Our small dog crates are more than just a holding space for your dog. Omlet dog crates are the ultimate sleeping solution that allow you to treat your dog like the family member they are.