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Chicken Products

Omlet has got everything you need to make chicken keeping fun and easy! Check out the bestselling movable chicken coop Eglu Cube and discover the universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door. You will also find stable and secure chicken runs, practical chicken fencing solutions and plenty of boredom busting chicken accessories.

Chicken Guide

From local chicken laws to keeping happy, healthy hens, our guide has more than scratched the surface. With advice on feeding, hatching, foraging, and keeping pesky predators at bay, we’ll take you from beginner to pro in the flap of a feathered wing.

Duck Guide

Why did the duck ditch her umbrella? Because her feathers are waterproof. Fun fact, if a terrible joke. These water loving waddlers make fascinating pets, so dive deep and discover the wet and wonderful world of duck keeping.

Incubation Guide

From doing it the old fashioned way (nestled under mamma hen) or with a home incubator, this guide has all you need to know about breeding and incubating your own fledgling flock.

Quail Guide

Garden too small for chickens? Consider quails. These beautiful little birds are prolific egg layers and bound to crack a smile from even the most hardened onlooker. Read on to see if quails could be your favourite feathered friend.

Chicken Breeds

Can you spot a Brahma at 50 paces or do you know where the Araucana chicken comes from? You can learn about a wonderful selection of chickens with our comprehensive breed directory.

Duck Breeds

Quackers about ducks then you are in the right place to find who the Aylesbury duckers are and which duck lays black eggs. It's all here in our splendid Duck directory.