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Why should you breed your own chickens?

If you have been keeping chickens for a while there are many reasons why you might want to breed your own chickens.

It could just be that you just want to delight in bringing a new life into the world or you maybe want to help increase the numbers of a rare or endangered breed. You might also want to improve the quality of your own flock of chickens (for example you could hatch only the chickens which produce the most eggs or perhaps the chickens with the best feather patterns.)

A hen with three chicks

Keeping an eye out for your little ones.

However, breeding chickens isn’t for everyone. There are several things you should consider before hatching your own eggs. If you have not kept chickens before then hatching your own eggs is a complicated way to start. If it is your first time keeping chickens then we recommend buying fully grown vaccinated chickens. It is also worth noting that, at least half of all the eggs you hatch will be cockerels. Cockerels don’t lay eggs, are noisy and can be quite aggressive. If you don't think having a big noisy male who doesn't contribute anything to the nest box sounds like your cup of tea is for you then it is seriously worth considering not breeding chickens. Finally, you will end up with more chickens! It sounds obvious but you will need space to house and time to look after the extra chickens.

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Usa, 28 November 2021

I never thought i would want to have a rooster, but then in my first hatch we had several. Turns out they are truly delightful. Very personable, look over the hens, break off squabbles and prevent the lower pecking order girls from being completely hounded by the others, always showing the ladies delicious treats, and letting them eat first. Mine have been delightful as poultry ambassadors, and in fact i'm taking a few of them to church in a week to be part of the 'Bethlehem Marketplace' advent experience, as they are delightful with children. One of them has been aggressive to strangers coming into his pen when the ducks get upset, and he didn't like my nephews (because they would ALWAYS catch and hold EVERY bird in there and it made everyone a little stressed out...). It was all quite manageable and made sense as he was protecting his flock. When I took him off-property he was sweet as pie with everyone --- not his territory, not his job to protect it! Now that I've had them, I wouldn't want to do without. But they certainly can bother some neighbors with their noise. Fortunately mine loves the sound and is delighted when the chickens free-range over his way and snack on what he puts out for the wildlife... And hatching from your very own flock means no shipped birds.

Vythilingham, 29 May 2020


An Omleteer, 14 February 2020

Very interested