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by Omlet

The Freestyle Cat Tree from Omlet is a strong floor to ceiling cat play system that can be customised to suit your cats and your home. Choose from a wide range of fun, practical and durable accessories to create a cat tree system that encourages your pets to live out their natural instincts to scratch, jump, climb and play.

This bamboo ramp is a perfect way of allowing your cat to walk onto the cat tree from the floor, a side table or a Maya Nook. Climbing up and down the ramps activates muscles indoor cats rarely get to use, making them a great opportunity to live out natural behaviours.

The stylish and durable ramps can be kept as they are, but for extra grip and entertainment, why not attach a scratching box or wrap to sit on top of the ramp? Or for extra comfort on the paws, a stylish woven cushion?

Attach the ramp at any height on a vertical pole using the included bracket.

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