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Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

The Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage is a modern, secure, easy to clean hamster house that will bring you and your children closer to your pets!

Configure Your Qute Hamster Cage


Get even closer to your pets

kid feeding a hamster in the beeding tray of a Qute hamster cage

The clear bedding tray makes it super easy for everyone in the family to interact with your pets.

The Qute’s large bedding tray is completely see-through on all four sides, perfect for inquisitive children who want to learn about their pets while watching them dig tunnels and nest in the bedding.

It can also easily be pulled out and carried away for cleaning, or for when you want to bring your pet to a different room for their daily play and exercise.

Super easy to clean in minutes

kid cleaning a hamster bedding tray of a Qute hamster cage

Slide, empty, wipe and refill - the cage will be sparkling clean in minutes!

One of the unique features of the Qute Cage is how extremely easy it is to clean.

While your pet is on the top level, lift and twist the tube to lock it in position. Then you can safely pull out the tray, get rid of dirty bedding and clean it with a pet-safe disinfectant. Fill with fresh bedding, wipe the top level with a cloth and you’re done!

Super easy, really quick, and no stress for you or your pet!

Ingenious design features to keep pets happy

The Qute has plenty of clever design features that will help keep your pet happy and healthy, including:

  • Draught free ventilation throughout the cage
  • Lift 'n' Twist Tube to make cleaning easier and safer
  • Strong floor with raised grid surface for extra grip
  • Mesh section allows for waste and debris to fall into the bedding tray
  • Included water bottle, food bowl and exercise wheel that fit perfectly in the cage
  • Optional wheels that makes moving the cage super easy

  • Making it easier to give your pet everything they need

    kids playing with hamsters and gerbils

    A cage like Qute makes it easy and really enjoyable to care for your pets

    The Qute gives hamsters and gerbils the freedom they need to exhibit all their natural instincts. The top level is a safe space to eat, drink, play and exercise, and the deep bedding tray below allows them to nest and burrow, just like they would in the wild.

    The unique design of the cage also encourages interaction between you and your pets, as it’s easy to take them out and let them explore playpens or secure rooms in the house.

    Peace of mind for both pet and owners

    Toddler playing in a bedroom with a hamster cage in the background

    Even the most trained escape artists won't make it out of the Qute!

    The clever safety features of the Qute makes it a safe space for your pets to return to for food, rest and play, and you don’t have to worry about escapes or break ins.

    The bedding tray has a lock at the bottom that secures it in place. This is easy for both adults and children to use, but prevents the tray from being accidentally moved or pushed out of place.

    Modern cage to fit in the heart of the home

    Baby and mother looking into the qute hamster cage in birch.

    Unlike with traditional hamster cages, you'll be proud to show off your Qute.

    The contemporary design of the Qute means that you will proudly want to keep it on display. That way your pet won’t be forgotten in a corner of the hallway, but can be placed in a calm and warm space and become a natural part of your everyday life, and a true part of the family!

    Provide entertainment and stimulation

    kid playing with hamster

    Letting your pets out of the cage helps them get the exercise they need, and strengthens your bond.

    Hamsters are nocturnal creatures that sleep most of the day. That is why the best time to interact with them is around dusk and dawn. With the Qute bedding tray, it’s easy to transfer your pet to a safe room or a playpen when they are active and ready to explore.

    Set up a fun play area, or even an obstacle course, and enjoy some quality time with your pet as they run through tunnels, climb ladders and nibble and chew toys.

    Practical storage solution for all your pets' things

    Kid storing hamster bedding in the Qute hamster cage storage space

    Keep all your pets' things in one place: the seemlessly integrated storage compartment.

    You can choose to get your Qute with a handy storage compartment under the cage. Here you can store all your pet’s bedding, food, toys and grooming products in one convenient place, which makes caring for your little critter even easier.

    Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage dimensions


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Qute is suitable for one Syrian hamster or two gerbils. Syrian hamsters are solitary animals that prefer to live by themselves, so don’t let two of them live in the Qute. The Qute is not designed for dwarf hamsters, as they can struggle to use the tube. It is also not suitable for mice, rats or chinchillas.
    The cage is designed for Syrian Hamsters, but many people keep dwarf hamsters in a Qute. Dwarf hamsters might struggle to use the tube to get between the levels, so you might have to find another solution if they can’t work it out, such as steps or a ladder. This is however not something we provide. The wire spacing is also designed for gerbils and Syrian hamsters, and might not be suitable for dwarf hamsters.
    It might take your pet a few days to get the hang of the tube, but they will learn eventually. Try giving your pets treats to encourage them to climb both up and down the tube. You can also take the tube out of the cage and let your pet explore it during playtime, tilting it gradually more and more until your pet runs through it in a horizontal position.

    External dimensions:
    Without storage: 64cm (H) x 46cm (W) x 37cm (D)
    With storage: 82cm (H) x 46cm (W) x 37cm (D)

    Internal dimensions:
    Depth: 35cm
    Width: 41cm
    Bedding tray: 25.5cm (H)
    Top level space: 23.5cm (H)

    Approximate volumes:
    Top level space = 8.3 US Liquid Gallons (or 1921 cubic inches)
    Bedding tray = 8.5 US Liquid Gallons (or 1978 cubic inches)
    Combined = 16.8 US Liquid Gallons (or 3900 cubic inches)

    The Qute comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that takes you through the assembly process, and you can also watch our step-by-step How to Build videos. You will find the video for building a Qute without storage here and one with storage here.
    Yes, very easy. Locking the tube in place you can keep your pets secured on the top level as you pull out the bedding tray. Throw away the used bedding, wipe the tray clean with wet cloth and a pet safe disinfectant and refill with fresh bedding. Move your pets into the bedding tray and keep the tube in the locked position while you wipe down the solid floor, clean all accessories and replace food and water. This will only take you a few minutes!
    Yes, as long as it’s assembled properly and the different components are put in place, the Qute will keep your hamster or gerbils from escaping, and for other pets to get to them. We recommend that you regularly go over the cage to check for any wear or damages that might compromise the safety of your Qute. Please also make sure that your pets are secured in either area or kept elsewhere when you are cleaning the cage.
    The diameter of the wheel is 19cm.
    The wheel mounting has an extremely low friction bearing inside, resulting in a much smoother turn, so the noise level from the wheel will be minimal.
    The Qute has only been tested with hamsters and gerbils, we do not recommend keeping any other animals in the cage.

    Length: 24.4cm

    Internal diameter: 6cm at the top, 4.9cm at the bottom

    External diameter: 7.2cm at the top, 6.7cm at the bottom

    Verified Reviews

    Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage
    I Just love it
    Amarilis, Florida,
    This is an amazing habitad for Hamsters my baby's are so happy. I bought 2 and have no regrets easy to install and they look even fancy.
    Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage
    This reviewer has 2-4 Golden Hamsters pets
    Best cage ever!!!
    The storage unit underneath is so useful and my gerbils love it. It also looks really nice and worth the price. I would highly recommend!
    Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage
    This reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils 🐹 pets
    Perfect for our Gerbil Bros
    We bought this unit after trying a traditional cage. The other cage want deep enough for the gerbils to satisfy their burrowing without make a HUGE mess. Since moving to their new digs, the brothers are happy burrowing dudes. My kids all love being able to see them and interact with them much easier as well. It is easy to clean and maintain and makes having gerbils even easier and more low maintenance than they already were.
    Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage
    This reviewer has 2-4 Gerbil pets
    Great, with some hacks.
    It takes a little bit for a hamster to figure out how to climb the tunnel to get upstairs, but it helps if you put a treat at the bottom and one at the top. Otherwise, check that the amount of food upstairs changes during the first couple of days to see that they were able to get up there to their food and water. Because this cage is on the smaller side, it is helpful to make use of the vertical space. I measured everything perfectly and was able to find a little wooden 2-story house for my Syrian hamster to put in the bottom drawer area with a bunch of bedding surrounding it. This gives my hammy some little tunnel entrances into a sleep nook and a little top area to have treats. I also put a little wood platform on top of some bedding on the opposite side for him to climb on, with his sand bath at the end of it. He loves his downstairs “living quarters.” For the upstairs, I bought some wooden cage accessories, including a bendy bridge for him to climb upon and eat treats that I put up there, along with a hammock and some step platforms that you can screw onto the bars of the cage. I strategically made steps along the door side for him to get up there and on to his bridge, but still be able to open/close the door and access my hammy. Underneath that, next to the wheel, I have a corner sand-litter box and he also has space for toys. On the other side I put his food and water. With all these little hacks, your hamster can live a more enriched life in the Qute cage.
    Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage
    This reviewer has 1 Syrian panda hamster pets
    Great cage
    Really easy to assemble and highly recommend for first pet owners
    Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage
    This reviewer has 1 Syrian hamster pets
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