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Elvis peck toy - Keith,

I have 3 of these in my walk in run are my as my hens are spoilt! They are a brilliant way to keep them occupied, when refilled they keep the hens busy for ages.

Chickens love these - Jane,

They took a few days to get the hang of Elvis but took to Rocky right away. Very pleased with these chicken treats.

The chickens love them. - Ruth,

I fill them up for their afternoon snack which keeps them occupied. I've only given 4 stars as I find that rain gets in through the top slots. I've stuck water proof tape over these to keep the grain dry which works, Usually all the grain is gone before it can get wet anyway.

Excellent toy - Lisa, East Sussex,

I purchased a pack of two Elvis peck toys. Both sets of chickens instantly started pecking for treats. It has given them hours of entertainment so totally recommend. My only annoyance is you have to unscrew half the spike in order to fill it up rather than coming apart at the lid. I guess there is a good reason for this.

Peck toy - Jill,

Our 5 bantams love this toy!! Especially the treats we put in it!! In fact they cluck with delight when I fill it up! Lovely to see them all pecking it as it swings!

Good to try both - Carlie, NSW,

I wanted to try both styles. After the initial shock of having new things in their yard, the chooks took to both styles equally and enjoy them. However, I find food gets stuck at the bottom of the Elvis.

- Angela,

My hens took to the rocking/in the ground one first but both are being used and the “toys” seem to occupy their attention. They are easy to clean and fill. Very good purchase in my opinion.

- Jill, Devon,

I bought this to stop one of my Hens pecking the others when they were in their run. The Hens love this, it keeps them entertained for ages, especially when I fill it with meal worms!

Great! - Hind,

Unlike the Elvis toy these are great. My guinea fowl and turkeys love them and I love that they're entertained! Highly recommended.

Great! - Helen,

Our 6 hens and particularly our cockerel love these - so pleased I bought them, when I was upgrading to the Cube for our expanding chicken family.

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