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It is strong, protective and built to last. -

We have the large egloo coop with the 6' run combined with the walk-in 9'x9' run. It is strong, protective and built to last. We shopped for months, finally went with Omlet, and four months later we are so glad we did. Thank you!

Very well engineered and manufactured -

Very well engineered and manufactured -- ingenious system. Amazing it stands up so well being held together with loose fitting plastic clips! The powder coating is strong and easy to handle with no sharp edges. I have three engineering degrees, two at the masters level and I'm 81 years old -- in my day I've never seen any thing so well designed, functional and durable. A++ for your product.

Delighted -

Such a great product. I feel confident that my chickens are safe and as close to nature as they can be as pets. Previously I had a coop and separate run and was picking them up to put them out which would stress them out and me. Now they’re happy, and I can sit out watching them with a glass of wine.

Gives chickens much more freedom than the Eglu alone -

I bought in to the Omlet system because my friend has a Mk2 with a 2 metre run which I like. But she has 2 chickens and I wanted to keep 4 so I wanted more room. The 2x2x2 has turned out to add much more than just floor space however. I've put in 2 perches at different heights, and my birds fly around from one to the other. Also the stable doorway makes safe access very easy. I can re-fill water and food by leaning over the bottom stable door. And I can also from outside easily refill feeding trays that I hang from the ceiling. My girls are very happy.

Brilliant -

Pleased with finished result smart looking and strong materials.


it is a good product, robust netting, the double clips are very difficult if your fingers are becoming artheritic, but guess that is not everyone! Took a while to assemble, needs 2 to assemble, and 4 to move, which could be an issue, but overall happy

Nice looking and sturdy -

When we purchased our house in Wisconsin, it came with a huge and very elaborate hen house. The previous owners even said that their relatives called it the "chicken palace." However, they only kept broilers a few months a year, so never added a run. I was somewhat intimidated about trying to build a run myself that would be large enough and nice enough to be a match for this beautiful little building. And I was finding that the cost of just the green welded wire fencing was not insubstantial. So I was so happy to see this kit online. It came very quickly and the system for organizing the parts into lettered boxes is clever. However, as others as noted, the instructions are a bit vague. Do I assemble sections on the ground and then put them upright? Or do I put the frame up first and then add the panels? Or just start at one end and work my way around? I hadn't a clue and was assembling this by myself, but somehow managed to figure it out (start at one end and work your way around is the correct answer). I was surprised it does not attach to the ground but just rests on top, which is a good thing given the slight slope of the ground I had to deal with. I just wish the kit came with ground screws for the center poles. The grass has already grown up and concealed the skirt. Because I attached one end of the run directly to the hen house with pipe straps, I had some extra panels left over, which I zip-tied together to build a little howdy cage inside the hen house for introducing new poultry to the flock. I have no worries about the chickens (and now turkeys too) during the day, but here in Wisconsin our predators are on the larger side (e.g., coyotes), so I lock them up inside the house at night. The double stable door is really nice for feeding them treats. Great product if you want something sleek and professional looking rather than barnyardy.

Chooks love it.. -

They said it takes two to build, and yes it would’ve probably been a lot easier and quicker with two, but there is only me, it took all afternoon, but I did it.... It may be a little expensive, but now I see why. It’s sturdy, a great design and looks fantastic. My chooks are living in a posher pad than me.. My three new chooks are called Scramble, Sunny and OMLET

Defintely Fox Proof -

The run is definitely fox proof as one visited just after it was built, the hens would have been breakfast two days before. One person can build the run but it's much easier and quicker for two, especially when fitting the roof. All the components are good quality, as with any flat pack the instructions could be better but they weren't too difficult to follow and asembly only took a few hours.

Perfect! -

When we decided to get chickens, it was a priority for us that our children could interact with them and go in the enclosure (and me too!) this run is perfect. It took an hour or so to construct and looks great. The chickens and children have lots of space to play and our young Pekin Bantams are extremely tame already. I think we may extend the run by a further section later in the year.

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