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Defintely Fox Proof -

The run is definitely fox proof as one visited just after it was built, the hens would have been breakfast two days before. One person can build the run but it's much easier and quicker for two, especially when fitting the roof. All the components are good quality, as with any flat pack the instructions could be better but they weren't too difficult to follow and asembly only took a few hours.

Perfect! -

When we decided to get chickens, it was a priority for us that our children could interact with them and go in the enclosure (and me too!) this run is perfect. It took an hour or so to construct and looks great. The chickens and children have lots of space to play and our young Pekin Bantams are extremely tame already. I think we may extend the run by a further section later in the year.

Great chicken run! -

My girls love their new chicken run. They have lots of room and I don’t have to worry about predators. The rest of my garden is now off the menu and growing back nicely!

Good, secure run for daytime, reasonable space for 4 large hens. -

Not only provides a lot more space than Eglu Cube + 2x1m run, but I love sitting in there with them, especially when they fall asleep on my outstretched legs or on the perch next to me while I sing to them! I let them out into the garden for at least a couple of hours each day for more exercise and interest and to peck at grass and scratch around as it wouldn't be big enough for them to be stuck in all the time. As it's so secure I don't worry too much about foxes if I'm out in the evening and don't get back till dark to shut them in the coop. Obviously it's not moveable like the Cube + 2x1m run, and they'd scratched all the vegetation away in a week. Now a mud bath in wet weather so will probably order rain cover too. Reasonably easy to put up. Probably doesn't need to be quite as high.

I've waited a year to put it up -

The run is great! I love it and the chickens do too. Sorting out the pieces and putting it together took a longer time than we'd expected but it's worth the time. I already know that the skirt and heavy-duty wire keeps pests out. It is taller than I'd expected too which means even the tallest person in our house (6'5") can hang with the girls.

Well designed product with poor assembly instructions -

The run is well designed. I like being able to walk into the run with our hens. Putting the run together should have been quick and easy. Instead, it took hours to assemble. What are the lower sections not preassembled with the anti predator skirt? Why aren’t the lower sections marked with a sticker that says LOWER. Why aren’t the patches attached to the doors before shipping?

Omlet Says: Hello Ann. Thank you for your feedback, we will be sure to forward this on to the design team. We do have 'how to build' videos available on our YouTube channel which may have helped with the build of this product - Or please feel free to call our customer services team in such situations and they will be happy to assist. Best wishes, The Omlet Team.

Excellent - Cheshire,

We have a Mark 1 egloo for our chickens with 1m extension. It was fine but wanted to give the chickens more room so put netting up in a larger area for the to run around in during the day. The problem was that we had to go and open up every morning and lock up in the evening. Whilst not too bad for us when we went away it was a pain for our neighbours who were looking after the chickens. So we invested in the 2m walk in run and its been fantastic. The chickens can now come out on their own during the day without us having to open and close up. Excellent for the neighbours. I have put wooden planks around the edge and filled with wood chips which look great and make it so much cleaner. Overall I would recommend this to anyone.

2x3x2 walk in run -

We recently bought the walk in chicken run. It was very prompt service and delivery. The run was easy to assemble and the girls are very happy. The only problem we have found is the larger mesh on the upper panels and roof allow the Rosellas to get into the enclosure and access the seed. It should probably say in the pre purchase information that the enclosure doesn't keep out wild birds.

Great!! - Michigan,

The run was very easy to set up. It gives my chickens plenty of room to run around. Had problem with a lock for the door, but Omlet was quick to replace it. All the staff I spoke to were very pleasant. Great customer service!!! Look forward to expanding my run!

very impressed - VIC,

We are loving our walk in chicken run. A fox has been seen around but so far he has had no success. We did decide to lock them in the eglu every night after we saw the fox- helps us sleep well! The chooks are loving the space and it means that we hang out with them which is fun. We are empty nesters so the chickens are our new kids. A very well designed product and great quality.

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