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Excellent - Graham, Cheshire,

We have a Mark 1 egloo for our chickens with 1m extension. It was fine but wanted to give the chickens more room so put netting up in a larger area for the to run around in during the day. The problem was that we had to go and open up every morning and lock up in the evening. Whilst not too bad for us when we went away it was a pain for our neighbours who were looking after the chickens. So we invested in the 2m walk in run and its been fantastic. The chickens can now come out on their own during the day without us having to open and close up. Excellent for the neighbours. I have put wooden planks around the edge and filled with wood chips which look great and make it so much cleaner. Overall I would recommend this to anyone.

2x3x2 walk in run - Juli,

We recently bought the walk in chicken run. It was very prompt service and delivery. The run was easy to assemble and the girls are very happy. The only problem we have found is the larger mesh on the upper panels and roof allow the Rosellas to get into the enclosure and access the seed. It should probably say in the pre purchase information that the enclosure doesn't keep out wild birds.

Great!! - Jonathan, Michigan,

The run was very easy to set up. It gives my chickens plenty of room to run around. Had problem with a lock for the door, but Omlet was quick to replace it. All the staff I spoke to were very pleasant. Great customer service!!! Look forward to expanding my run!

very impressed - Kay, VIC,

We are loving our walk in chicken run. A fox has been seen around but so far he has had no success. We did decide to lock them in the eglu every night after we saw the fox- helps us sleep well! The chooks are loving the space and it means that we hang out with them which is fun. We are empty nesters so the chickens are our new kids. A very well designed product and great quality.

So happy with this well designed, stylish chicken run! - Catherine,

An incredibly well built, easy to install (well, I’m only passing on the feedback from my partner and sons who actually built the thing!) and stunning addition to my garden. Such a pleasure to spend time inside it just hanging out with my girls - I’ve installed a chair in one corner as I spend so much time in there with them! Fabulous, Omlet. Top marks.

Brilliant! - Stephanie,

It's good looking and provides great protection for my ducks. This was something I could put together myself without having to cut anything, although it was very nice to have Dad help me and hold up the roof panels while clipping everything in. I'm very happy with it, and maybe someday will expand it to be larger.

Lovely spacious chicken run - Emma,

My hens love the space and height that they have to explore in their fab new run. It was easy to build up and is very easy to clean down the floor covering wood chips.

Excellent - David,

Terrific - Regina,

My fellow chickens and I love our new enclosure. We feel safe from hawks, raccoons and cats, yet we have lots of room to roam around. Our humans can spend time with us inside, even the tall ones; they don’t have to crouch. The humans said it was easy to assemble!

Elegant! - Sue,

I am delighted by the look of our 3 X 2 X 2 run, which is surprisingly elegant in design and so pleasing that it actually improves the garden. It seems airy and spacious and the hens seem to like it very much. Much nicer than the publicity photos suggest and excellent customer service!

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