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Great product - James,

Staightforward to construct although one small part was faulty and another missing the company replaced these immediately. Very pleased with the final product, guinea pigs seem contented with plenty of space to dart around, easy access for their young owners (5 and 3 years old), easy to clean and move around the garden daily.

Brilliant cage hard to put together. - Sarah,

I absolutely love this New Guinea pig cage.But assembling the run was quite difficult.And my guinea pigs clearly love it.

Great product, the girls love it! - Clare, Cumbria,

We bought the Eglu Go as we wanted a secure run/hutch for our four guinea pig girls to be out in while we're out at work - they have a lovely spacious wooden hutch and a run they'd been using, but the former didn't allow them access to grass and the latter wasn't something we'd be happy to leave them in all day. So far, so brilliant - it was a real pain to put together (bring plenty of patience with you!) but it was worth it. There's plenty of space for the four of them to run around in and the hutch compartment is big enough for them all to snuggle up in. We've not used it overnight, as they have a hutch that's indoors (we live in Cumbria, where the weather is unreliable at the best of times!) but they seem perfectly happy using it. We did have a problem with the supplied water bottle but Omlet replaced it very speedily. The only way we think they could improve it is to offer a few pegs in the inital set-up package to secure the run over uneven ground (we've done this with some tent pegs we bought, but it might be a nicer gesture for them to be included as standard). Easy to clean and fairly easy to move around (although, with the 2m run, it does require two adults to do this - and the run bit sometimes pops out a bit but is easily fixed). All in all, we're really happy and the girls love it: we love the peace of mind it brings us, knowing they can be out enjoying fresh air, fresh grass and exercise safely and securely. It is pricey but it's good value for money as we use it almost every day (weather permitting).

My guinea pigs love their new home. - Sally,

Although my boys love their new home there are a couple of things I would like to see improved. The door is designed for chickens , it is too big for my boys I hang a mat over the front to reduce the door height, this makes them more secure. The food bowl that came with the run is useless for guinea pigs. I would also like to have another door in the side of the run. The base for the run is unnessary for the guinea pigs so we haven't used it. Overall though I love the run, it is so much cleaner than their old cage , they really seem happier.

Fantastic product - Yvonne,

I'm so very happy with this wonderful product. My piggies are super happy with their new home. The enclosure is easy to clean and keeps them very safe from any predators. The only downfall was the assembly part as it wasn't as easy to put together as indicated on the web page.

Too small for 3 guniea pigs and very tricky to access - Emma,

I bought an igloo guniea pig hutch for our 3 guniea pigs thinking that it would solve all our problems. I can fault the build of the hutch however I find the access to the pigs really tricky. with the 2m run its impossible to catch them because they just run up the other end and there is no top access so you have to clamber inside. The access from the back, which very convenient for feeding, I find tricky to get at them for worry of them escaping from the opening whilst it is down. I also think it is too small for 3 gunea pigs. Although we clean it out regularly it is alway a horrible, small mess. I'm sorry but I do wish I had taken up the 30 day return offer.

Omlet Says: We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the hutch. The Go should comfortably house up to 3 Guinea Pigs, and by leaving the hutch door open into the run area, you will give them enough space to move around at al times. Otherwise, should you wish to offer them even more space, we have 1m run extensions and also our line of Outdoor Pet Runs. Reaching the feeder and drinker sometimes can be tricky, however our designers have created the Run Door Self Fit Kit (810.0042) exactly for this purpose. We hope these tips might make it easier for you to use the Eglu Go Hutch, and thanks again for your feedback!

Loving It! My best purchase for 2016. - Amanda,

We have had guinea pigs for 2.5 years and I found it was always an effort to clean them and move around the backyard, as well as the worry of a metal cage being hot in summer and cold in winter. We have been using our Eglu for 2 months now and loving it. The guinea pigs are happier, safer and it is so much easier to clean and lock them up at night. Easy enough to put together the hutch, the cage took a little time with all of the clips. Delivery was so fast. I couldn't fault a single thing. I am extremely happy and it is probably my best purchase for 2016. Money well spent.

A nearly perfect guinea pig product - Francesca,

I bought my GPs an Eglu Go hutch in the summer and I really love it. Much easier to keep clean and I think far nicer than a traditional hutch for my GPs to live in. Just a couple of words of warning though! One of my GPs managed to find herself on the outside of the run as she had squeezed through a hole in the wire as I'd inadvertently placed the run on some uneven ground so she burrowed out! I'm not sure I would rely on Omlets claim that the hutch is ok for all year round use. I have been fretting so much during the recent very cold nights that we have installed a thermometer inside the hutch so I can monitor the temperature inside the hutch. It can drop to freezing or below in there - even having purchased the extra thermal layers that you place inside the outer walls. I now have placed an igloo in the eglu and have a heat pad in there too and a duvet on the outside at night!- this maintains an acceptable temperature. I have been into the website to buy a thermal jacket - the only ones they sell are for chicken eglus but better than nothing- however they are out of stock which seems a little short sighted!

excellent product - Ellen,

Excellent product, very cosy for our piggies and very easy to clean, very well designed and thought out. I did regret not paying for someone to put it together for me as getting the run attached to the hutch was really really difficult and took me ages, the run panels didn't fit easily or well around the top of the Eglu. I managed it in the end with quite a lot of force. When it came I did have parts missing which I was not at all impressed with but they were posted on to me so that should not detract from an overall excellent product when currently there is nothing else like it on the market. Well worth the money. Our piggies happily scamper in when I open the door for them after cleaning out their bedroom, they love it.

Omlet Says: Thank you Ellen for your review. I am very sorry to hear that you were missing some parts. I do hope that this has been solved with the ones you received afterwards. We are really happy to help you if you do have problems like this or to help you if you have difficulties while building your Omlet products. Yours, The Omlet team

High quality, but needs "tweaking" - Ebony,

Love the product, but would suggest the following: The clips provided to attach the wire run together were hopeless. We ditched them and used standard UV stablised cable ties unstead which worked really well. A handle or set of handles at the back to lift and drag the cage to a fresh spot of grass. I currently grab and drag (with a bit of difficulty) the wire run part, which I fear will break over time using this method. We attached our own piece of laser lite sheeting to the top and cubby door side of the wire run with cable ties. This was to provide shelter from the wind and also rain when we don't want to lock them inside the cubby part all day. I feel the sunshade provided is inadequate protection from the elements. Other than that, my two Eglus ROCK!!! The kids love them because they look like Space Pods. Also maybe more colour choices, or ways to personalise your cage such as external pictures or guinea pig name plates that attach to the cage. Great product, keep up the good work.

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