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Beautiful but expensive - Kim,

Undeniably, this is an extremely attractive hamster home. Looks great and is easy to clean - the children can do it independently. However, it is extremely expensive, especially for something that arrives flat packed. I'm not sure the design justifies this cost.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

Wonderfully stylish hamster cage - Oonagh,

We are delighted with our new cages - we have 6 hamsters (!) so all the old cages were starting to get in the way and look really out of place in our house. The Qute cages look wonderful and make it loads easier to see the hamsters and to play with them. They are pricey (hence only ordering 2 not 6!) but will hopefully last us a while. Our children absolutely adore them too. Thank you!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

Very good - Lynda,

I have a pretty large hamster that has chewed through all different makes of cages! This one however, makes it near impossible to do any damage. She seems to enjoy being in her new home and not bored. I worried a bit about her ability where the tube was concerned, but no problem there. A couple of minus - Tube is central, as my hamster has a rat bed it gets in the way, also, a support would have been of advantage through the centre of the bars floor, it bows when she's up there as well as quite noisy when she's moving around the top level because the bars from the floor bang against the side bars. Food bowl needs some form of grip, slides all over the place. Having said that - comparing prices with the top larger cages on the market, the Qute is not only looks good and is easy to clean, but it's also value for money! Just a few design faults that need a slight adjustment but would definitely recommend it!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Excellent choice of cage for gerbils - Sam,

We're really pleased with this cage. At first I hesitated because it's on the pricey side compared to other products but I'm really glad we chose this option. It's a great cage with lots of space and the two different levels, one wire framed and the other with a solid plastic base for bedding, allow you to create different environments for your gerbils. We keep bedding and sleeping areas downstairs and keep more fun items like stairs, plastic mazes, etc. and food upstairs. It took both gerbils a few days to work out how to use the vertical connector tube but they soon became confident enough to use it all the time. It's a great idea to have a connector tube that easily locks into positions that allow you to keep the gerbils locked up or downstairs, handy for when you want to clean the other area. Lastly it looks great, like a piece of furniture so it fits nicely into our living room. Visitors comment all the time on how good it looks and you don't expect that to be said about a pet cage. I was also really happy with the follow up service from Omlet. They've only recently launched the product and keep coming up with product improvements, admittedly to fix minor glitches with the design (wheel came unattached after vigorous running, some people found that the doors worked loose); they sent fixes for these proactively and without charge. The only problem was that when the package was originally sent to us, the little springs that help keep the front side in place, were not included. They sent replacements on request very quickly.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

A piece of furniture that is also a cage - Andrew,

Great cage, easy to clean as advertised- a happy hamster so far. The minor wheel issue was quickly fixed by Omlet.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Absolutely love it! - David,

I am so glad I happened across the Omlet website when searching for a hamster cage. This product is fantastic, on all levels. Easy to construct, looks great, and the resident definitly enjoys it compared to previous dwellings! Now the children get to see their pet more often, due to the clever design. From the cleaners point of view, it's second to one. It really does take minutes. Even a thorough clean would take 10 mins tops. If you are looking for a Hamster cage, spend the extra and buy this product, you won't regret it. So a 5 star product.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Great - Chantel,

I bought this product with my christmas money (i'm 13). My dad put this together but it was really hard to put up. The intuructions were hard as well to figure out but when it was up my gerbils loved it. There are run up and down it all the time!!!!!! I don't know if its worth the money but if they love it - love it. Thanks!!!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Well worth the money - brilliant!! - Jackie,

Seemed expensie but well worth the money - we have spent the same on awful plastic cages which are difficult to clean and fall apart. This is a brilliant product - didn't know it was a self assembly item and the instructions weren't too clear - but once put together it has proved to be an excellent purchase. Hamster and daugther love it - she cleans it out herself, its cat proof (so far) and we're really pleased. Have given up on the wheel but will retry it now we have the extra part (the wheel kept falling off - but you've fixed this now). You may be interested to know that the hamster - Edward - carried all of his bedding up from the downstairs bit to the upstairs caged area and this is where he sleeps and eats. Seems to use downstairs for the toilet. Possibly feels more secure upstairs - but does mean that all the bedding falls out - not your fault just the way he is!!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Awesome cage - definately cat proof - Carol, Somerset,

I have found this cage to be functional and good looking! Definately worth every penny, seems to fit the description of being cat proof, as my exceptionally clever siamese has not been able to open this cage unlike my previous gerbil tank from pet store. My hamster has plenty of room to play and the overal design looks great in my bedroom. Can't wait for the dwarf hamster qute to be available.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Excellent. - Karen,

We are delighted with our Qute hamster cage, it is a well designed, quality piece of furniture and is very easy to clean. Can't speak highly enough of Omlet who kept us informed and updated at all times and called to check we had received the package safely prior to Christmas (we had). The cage is beautifully packed and although it took a while to assemble we can understand why it is not practical to deliver assembled. The storage underneath is well worth having as everything can be stored within. It took our baby hamster a day or two to confidently use the vertical tube, we allowed some food & water in the lower section initially! General note for new & possibly unaware hamster owners! This is our first hamster and they are nocturnal! The cage & wheel are fantastic but nevertheless we all found our athletic hamster noisy at night in our daughter's bedroom and we have now happily located the Qute in our study downstairs!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

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