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Best practises for healthy bees...

You can reduce the chances of your bees becoming ill by some simply best practises. This is especially important if you visit your local apiary or help a friend with their colony.
  • Check your bees regularly - so you can catch any problems early.
  • Regularly keep you health knowledge up to date so you can spot disease quickly if it occurs
  • If you have more than one hive, you should aim to set them up in a way to reduce drifting of bees from one hive to another.
  • Do not you transfer combs between colonies without first checking for signs of disease
  • Regularly wash you bee veil and gloves to stop the spread of disease through your clothes.
  • If you are inspect multiple beehives in a visit - use disposable gloves between hives
  • Avoid second hand equipment unless from a trusted previous owner - a good ebay rating is not sufficient.

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John, 13 June 2016

When I move to Spain,I am getting a small farm where I want to be a bee keeper,would I get bee equipment there,or from you as the beehive looks very easy to access and use.Let me know,and I do have a communial beekeeping society in Wythenshawe 3 mikes from em I can go to learn.