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Your bees will start preparing to go into winter and you should make sure that they have sufficient stores and the hive should secure.

The worker bees will throw the drone bees out of the hive. The queen will stop laying eggs and the population will be greatly reduced. You should remove some honey if the bees have surplus. You should also start winter feeding if the honey stores are short. You should remove any unused brood frames which do not have stores or brood.

The bees will be preparing for winter and will not spend much time outside the hive. You should keep winter feeding to ensure the bees have enough food. If you are storing equipment and frames - you should protect them against attack from pest such as wax moths. You can also start making things from your produce such as candles or polish. The National Honey Show is also a good highlight of the year.

The bees will go into a cluster and will rarely leave the hive. You should not do any further feeding and simply make sure the hive is secure for the winter

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