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Feeding your bees

There are occasions when you need to give your bees a little boost. These tend to be when their supplies of honey are low. Typically this would occur at the start and end of the season. However, you should also give them extra feed if there has been a long period of bad weather, when the bees have been unable to forage or if you have introduced a nucleus colony.

Feeding a nucleus colony
You can help a nucleus or newly caught swarm of bees settle in by giving some extra feed.

Autumn feeding
You need to feed your bees at the end of the season. If you have taken honey from the hive you can provide the bees with sugar syrup from which they can make a honey substitute. The bees put the sugar syrup in the comb and evaporate any excess water and then cap it for safe storage.

Sugar syrup
Bees can be fed a sugar syrup. This is a simple mixture of water and the correct amount of sugar.

Fondant is most commonly used by bakers for decorating cakes. It is easier to handle than sugar syrup as it is solid. However, as it doesn't contain as much water, you will need to ensure the bees have access to water.

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