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British Beekeepers' Association

If you are thinking of starting to keep bees, we highly recommend that you join your local Beekeeping Association. The BBKA is a charity made up of over 63 local associations and has over 15,000 members. They are very helpful in getting new beekeepers started. What do you get for joining?

Many local beekeeping associations run beekeeping courses which cover the basics of good beekeeping. Many of the courses are over subscribed and it is often hard to get a place so you will need to book early. Omlet also offer good beekeeping courses, from taster sessions to complete courses, and if you would like more information please visit the courses page.

Lectures and bee books
Most associations have a wide range of lectures covering all manner of beekeeping topics. They run throughout the year and cover interesting topics such a hive management to disease control. Most associations also have a really good book library which you can use free of charge.

You will get public liability insurance for all beekeeping activities and also product insurance. Product insurance covers you in the unlikely event that your bees catch American Foulbrood (a rare disease). In this unfortunate situation your hive would have to be destroyed by a Bee Inspector and the insurance should cover the cost of a new hive for you.

Friendly Advice
Last but not least - the beekeeping associations are full of like minded friendly people. You can get advice about your hives, find someone with bees to spare and make friends.

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Julie, 22 March 2021

Could you please advise whom to contact with regards to honeybees that cause distress and are a nuisance to people. We have a house in a built up area that keep honeybees in a small confined space. There have been 4 swarms in 2020, we have had the keepers coming onto property with out consent and as neighbours we need to sort out before we have the same thing happening in 2021.

Graham, 31 January 2020

Hi I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction as to how I can become a registered beekeeper,been doing it for about 4 yrs and need to be registered to have a hive or 2 on my allotment ty

Easby, 10 August 2019

I am secretary of an allotment site. A plot holder has a 'Introductory qualification for keeping bees, is she eligible for keepng bees or does she need to finish her course. Can you also tell be how many hives should be kept on 15ft x 90ft site. Also is there a limit to the number of hives that can be kept on an allotment site. Thanks

Cait, 8 August 2019

Good evening my names Cait and I was wondering if you could help me. I recently moved into a house with a wonderful garden full of plants and I was wondering how I could help the bees! I’ve looked into purchasing a “bee barn” however the reviews were not the best...I’m not looking to become a bee keeper as such I’d just like to think I’m helping them out in some way as I’m aware they’re in decline and it saddens me. Thank you in advance and kind regards Cait

Alex, 30 November 2018

Do you have contacts who I could refer to in the Dordogne region of France. I am looking to begin beekeeping next Spring and would dearly appreciate all the advice and guidance I can get. I would also be most interested in attending courses, lectures and seminars in the UK. Thank you