To Quack or Not to Quack?

Unlike chickens where the male is the noisy one; female ducks are normally the ones who ensure there's never a dull moment. Ducks will not announce the sun coming up like a cockerels crow but they can find lots of reasons throughout the day to quack. Male ducks tend to be the quietest and sound a little as if they are trying to quack but have a cold, resulting in a quacky rasp.

If you are thinking of keeping ducks in your garden and you have neighbours you should bear this in mind. The quietest ducks to consider are the Muscovy and the Campbell.

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Hazel, 16 January 2019

My Campbell’s are most definitely not quite They let everyone know when it’s time to get up ,and they all have different quacks ,I have 4 ducks and Dolly and Annie are the most vocal of them .

Ann, 13 July 2014

Don't believe Campbells are necessarily quiet. I have quite a few and one of them is particularly thick- forever getting left behind, and boy does she make a row when she realises! Muscovys really are quiet, and make very sweet noises.

Steve, 16 May 2011

Great Advice thank you

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