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Day to Day Duck Duties

  • Make sure the feeder and drinker are full. If it is extremely cold make sure that the water is not frozen, preventing the ducks from drinking.

  • Open the eglu door to let your ducks out into their run in the morning. If you are going to be around you can let your ducks out of the run to roam free. If you are not going to be there and you can\'t be sure that a fox won\'t get into your garden, it is better to leave the ducks in the run.

  • Collect your eggs! Regular collection will help prevent any damage to the eggs and discourage your ducks from getting broody.

  • Check the position of the shade. Although ducks are quite able to withstand cold and wet conditions they don\'t like bright sunlight so make sure that during the summer, the shade is positioned to provide ample shade.
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    Oi that's our paddling pool
    A duck being fed bread by it's owners
    A brown duck with a flock of yellow and black chicks crossing the road


    Melynda, 17 May 2020

    Hello, I live in the states and would love a duck coop. Is that possible? if so what would the ETA be? Thanks!

    Kolbie, 25 April 2020

    So, I’ve been wanted to buy a duck for my birthday. But, I need to know what to feed them and there natural habitats as ducklings?

    An Omleteer, 4 October 2019

    I need some help. I have female mallard that is now 2 months old - she was born August 2nd. Last week, I was working in the yard and she was around eating worms. The worms were white but could not tell you exactly what kind. She ate a lot and I noticed that immediately after, she was somewhat slower than normal. The next day she ate some more of the same worms and she was clearly in distress and was also losing her balance on one leg and also cannot move her neck as she used to. When she takes baths, she doesn't dive her head any more and she no longer can turn her head to poke her tail so that she can clean herself properly, as she used to before. In addition, I notice a split in one of her feet and she cannot balance on that foot. She is eating, but significantly less; just enough to keep herself alive. She moves a lot slowly and is not as lively as she used to be. I am not sure what to do, or how to help her.

    Antony, 26 February 2013

    thankyouu for your help