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Buying fertilised eggs...

If you don’t have a cockerel or would like to breed a variety of chicken that you don’t already keep, then buying a fertilised egg is your only option. There are a large number of chicken breeders and a wide variety of chicken breeds to choose from. To help you choose what breed of chicken would suit you take a few minutes to read our Chicken Breed Guide.

Some egg package for the post

How eggs arrive packaged in the post.

Finding a chicken breeder
To help you find a local breeder - we have prepared a recommended breeder list which you can view here. If you can't find the breed of chicken you want then it is worth looking in your local paper, ebay, craigslist or buying a copy of a popular poultry magazine. When buying hatching eggs it is important to buy from a breeder with a good reputation. It is also worth purchasing eggs from a breeder local to you as shipping eggs can reduce the chances that the eggs will hatch.

How much should you pay for a fertilised egg?
The price of a fertilised egg varies from breed to breed. The most expensive eggs tend to be for rare breeds and breeds that lay only a few eggs. The price of eggs is normally between £0.80 - £2.00 per egg. Most breeders will sell you a half dozen eggs.

Customer Images

Robbery mole
Egg machine
Girl holding chicken
Cayuga eggs hatching  - breeder J.M Williams
An orange mother chicken and a small yellow chick in a garden


James, 6 July 2023

I'm very much interested in your products.I would like to buy fertilized chicken eggs.

Vic, 30 May 2020

HI would like to purchase fertile eggs from a dark cuckoo Maran bantam he n with pedigree

Gill, 11 December 2019

Here in Italy notorious lack of variety of birds or eggs. Looking for silkies, pheasants, peacock and ducks

André, 8 September 2019

I am interessed to buy fertilized eggs of Bankiva chicken also know as Red Junglefowl. Would it be possible to ship them to Portugal?

Alfred, 3 July 2019

I need 20 fertilzed chicken eggs and twenty goose eggs from England. I would like to know if you can determine their sexes. If so make the supply 25 percen male. How much fob Freetown?