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Parrot Toys

Pet shops are full to the brim with parrot toys, but it’s best to choose ones made from natural materials such as wood and hemp rope. Don’t expect your parrot to look after his ‘toys’, though – the whole idea is to explore, chew and destroy, which is why many parrot owners ignore shop-bought toys in favour of utilitarian objects such as toilet- and kitchen-roll tubes, breakfast cereal boxes, or the flimsy wooden boxes that surround food items such as soft cheeses.

Cockatiels and Budgies
Toys are a key part of any parrot's life

These household ‘toys’ can be supplemented with homemade items. Branches from non-toxic trees are perfect – they function as perches and toys together. Eventually the parrot will chew them to bits, but for most species this will take a long time (or a couple of hours in the case of a dedicated perch-chewing Macaw).

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