The Omlet Guide to Keeping Quail

What's not to love about quail? Small and perfectly formed, they are prolific egg layers and easy to keep. This great guide is full of advice, tips and essential information covering everything you need to know about quail. You will find information on feeding, health checks, seasonal care as well as fantastic facts about quail. For example did you know that the egyptians were such admirers that they gave the quail it's own heiroglyphic? Click on the image on the left to find out much more.

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Harmoni, 22 June 2019

Hi I am a owner of a quail I’ve had it’s for about a year but for the last day or so it has stoped eating and drinking it’s also staying in one place and is unable to stand up or walk I am very worried that it’s is in pain if anyone has and advice please let me know ASAP

Bernard, 19 June 2019

Needs guidance on how to keep quails

Thomas, 21 May 2019

Hi, One of my button quails has hatched. I have separated it and it is still alive but is just lying there and not walking about. Is there any reason for this?

Elena, 22 April 2019

I am looking to buy organic gamebird food for my quails. Could you please tell me where I can find a supplier here in Australia? Thanks

Toni, 27 January 2019

Hi, I am interested in purchasing California quail eggs, can someone please point me in the right direction. Thankyou

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