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Guinea Pig Housing

Omlet takes guinea pig housing to a completely different level. Literally. Designed with guinea pig health and wellbeing in mind, the range allows you to give your cavies the space, entertainment and safety they need, and deserve.

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Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch
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Guinea Pig Zippi Tunnel System
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Guinea Pig Zippi Runs and Playpens
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Guinea Pig Toys and Accessories

Personalised guinea pig housing

No matter the size of your guinea pig, the space of your garden, the needs of your furry friend - Omlet has got a guinea pig setup that will keep your pets happy and healthy. House them in a weatherproof guinea pig hutch, and let them run between runs and playpens of their own accord with the Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System. Freedom for your pets, while still giving you peace of mind they are safe and happy.

3 reason to house your guinea pig with Omlet

  • Customisable: Omlet designs products for guinea pigs that let you create exactly the setup you and your pets require. Move, expand and accessorise your guinea pig playground at any time to add excitement on the highest level.
  • Secure: We understand the battle of wanting your guinea pig to explore without boundaries, while still worrying about their safety. That’s why we’ve designed guinea pig products that keep even the most persistent of predators away, and the most skillful escape artists safe and secure.
  • Weatherproof: Don’t let your pet guinea pig be limited by sweltering summer heat or chilly blizzards. House them in an insulated, well ventilated hutch with a connected run so that they can always find shelter.

Create your cavy’s dream enclosure

There’s no need to stop at a cage and run. Omlet allows you to personalise your guinea pig playground with custom made guinea pig pen tarps, purpose designed treat toys and stimulating guinea toys that mirrors natural behaviours, like play tunnels and shelters.

Designed by guinea pig experts

At Omlet, we relentlessly pursue solutions to the questions we constantly raise. We’ve honed in on our guinea pig houses with these pursuits, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy your guineas in a carefree, natural way – in any space and with any level of experience.