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Cat playing in an indoor cat tree freestyle omlet

Which Omlet Freestyle Cat Tree will you choose?

Cat relaxing in the indoor cat tower floor to ceiling cat tree

Indoor Freestyle Cat Tree

From £79.99
  • Space efficient cat tree fits any ceiling height
  • High quality materials made to last
  • Easy to customise at any time with fun accessories and stylish fabrics
  • Bond with your cat on a whole new level
  • Replaceable scratchers for future-proof fun
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Cat playing in the outdoor cat tree inside a catio

Outdoor Freestyle Cat Tree

From £77.99
  • Fits any catio in a limitless number of combinations
  • Give your cat the benefits of safe outdoor exercise, stimulation and fresh air
  • Add the things you know your cat will love and use
  • High quality materials and replaceable scratchers
  • Weatherproof with no maintenance for year round ease
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