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Freestyle - Bamboo Bridge with Woven Grey Cushion (includes brackets)

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The Freestyle Cat Tree from Omlet is a strong floor to ceiling cat play system that can be customised to suit your cats and your home. Choose from a wide range of fun, practical and durable accessories to create a cat tree system that encourages your pets to live out their natural instincts to scratch, jump, climb and play.

This bamboo bridge is a perfect way to add a horizontal element to your cat tree system, connecting the poles and letting your cats walk between the different areas. Perfect for kittens or older cats who are not comfortable jumping long distances. The soft woven cushion adds extra comfort when cats lounge on the bridge.

Attach the bridge at any height between two vertical poles using the included brackets. The poles must be exactly 75.5cm apart for the bridge to connect.

Wash woven fabrics in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent.

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Cinnamon and baby
I love my Freestyle so much!
Max on his bridge
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Freestyle - Bamboo Bridge with Woven Grey Cushion (includes brackets)

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