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The Omlet Guide to Keeping Chickens

This is a fantastic resource of advice, tips and essential information on everything chicken. As well as everyday care of your pet you can find out about the origin of the species, the names of some famous fighting chickens and how to give your chicken a bath - without ruffling its feathers. We hope you enjoy it!

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Arif, 13 July 2021

Looking for Ko Shamo chicken Please let me know if you have Thanks

Babs, 24 June 2021

Do you have a catalog for mailing??

Cindy, 9 June 2021

Chickens Hens wanted especially colorful eggs like the Auracaca

Khalid, 13 May 2021

hi any one sell hens? I'm looking for 3 hens legbar or Araucana I can come collect or if you far from dublin or leixlip area if you can post i'll be happy thanks

Roger, 9 May 2021

one of my hens has stopped laying the other two are just fine,the one who stopped laying has a dry crusty backside.what can I do. thankyou