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Ultimate Hentertainment Bundle

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Bundle all of your chickens' favourites for ultimate fun and savings!

The Ultimate Hentertainment Bundle has all of our most popular and loved chicken boredom-busters for your hens' enjoyment.

The Chicken Swing gives your hens a break from stationary-sitting while strengthening their leg muscles. Like a classic porch swing, your hens will enjoy the gentle swaying motion while surveying their surroundings.

Every chicken needs a good chair -- or in their case, a perch! The 1m Omlet Chicken Perch attaches to our wire runs, or on traditional mesh chicken wire, and is the perfect length to utlilise space in corners or narrow areas of your run.

The Spring Chicken Kit is one of our most popular configurations for the Freestanding Chicken Perch. Complete with 2 eucalyptus perches and an attached treat dish, your chickens will be rewarded for reaching new heights!

The Pendant Peck Toy can hang from a variety of heights for swinging, snacking fun! Instead of simply scattering your chickens' scratch around on the ground, fill the Pendant Peck Toy with your hens' favourite scratch grains and watch them go to town! Feeding your chickens their grains up off the ground reduces waste and un-wanted visits from rodents.

The Poppy Peck Toy is ingeniously (and adorably!) designed to look like a flower. Simply fill it with your hens' favourite grains or hard treats, and place it in the ground for an aesthetically pleasing snack-station.

The Caddi Treat Holder is perfect for those fresh greens and veggies your flock craves. The wide openings allow for multiple chickens to access the goodies inside all at once to promote sharing, and the feeder is easy to remove for refills!

This bundle includes:
1 x Chicken Swing
1 x 1m Omlet Chicken Perch
1 x Spring Chicken Kit
1 x Pendant Peck Toy
1 x Poppy Peck Toy
1 x Caddi Treat Holder

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Ultimate Hentertainment Bundle

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