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Eglu Go Up - 1m Run Extension

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Give your chickens some eggstra room with a 1m Eglu Go UP Run Extension. Use with your existing Eglu Go UP, to turn your 2m run into a 3m run. It is made of the same fox-resistant steel weldmesh and it has anti-tunnel skirting.

Please note, this is suitable for use with the Eglu Go UP Run, not the standard Eglu Go Run.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Customer Images

Just sun bathing
Extended run
Eglu Go up 1m run extension, windbreak and heavy duty cover
Eglu Go up with 1m run extension, Cube feeder, chicken swing, windbreak, Caddi treat holder, Pendant peck toy
An Eglu Go up chicken coop with handles.
A purple Go up chicken coop with a run attached and covers over the top
Omlet green Eglu Go up raised chicken coop and run in the garden
Eglo Go up with 3m run, wind sheild, and Omlet perch.
Our ladies love their new home!

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Eglu Go Up - 1m Run Extension

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