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High-Vis Chicken Jacket

Omlet's hi-vis chicken jackets are great for keeping your chickens warm, dry and clean when out and about on the building site (your garden).
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Frau, die Stalltür am Eglu Cube Hühnerstall mit einem Handgriff öffnet

Worried about your chickens now that the cold, dark nights are drawing in? Don't panic, because the High-Vis Chicken Jacket has arrived. Available in two colours, pink and yellow, or as a twin-pack, this health and safety gilet will make your pets visible on the darkest days, while protecting them from the rain and sleet. This means there's no need to worry about hens wandering into the road.

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket is perfect for medium sized hens, with adjustable velcro fastening for a comfortable fit every time. Simply place over the hen's head, pop her wings through the arm holes and fasten at the front.

Hühner im Winter mit Warnweste

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket offers great comfort and protection, as well as making hens more visible in the dark. With a breathable, showerproof fabric outer, and quilted inner bodywarmer, your pets will be comfy and cosy whatever the weather.

Has your hen lost her feathers? Whether poorly, moulting or ex-battery, a garment like this will give her some eggstra warmth, when her feathers aren't quite up to the job. It will also protect her skin while her own coat starts to grow back.

Amorous cockerel on the prowl? This jacket can help to reduce the damage on your hen's back that a companion of the opposite sex may cause.

  • Offers excellent comfort and protection in cold weather
  • Breathable, showerproof fabric
  • Adjustable velcro fastening, offering comfort and extreme manouverability
  • 180 degree, wide reflective strip visible from the air
  • Offers protection from dirt
  • Suitable for hand-washing
  • Designed and made in the UK, and exclusive to Omlet

Please note, the High-Vis Chicken Jacket is not suitable as pyjamas - please remove at night.

Due to the high specification of this garment, please pay attention to the prevailing conditions in your garden and remove the jacket if it gets too warm.

Pressebeispiele Warnweste für Hühner.

Launched in October 2013, the High-Vis Chicken Jacket has featured in many newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes already, and the product has proved to be incredibly popular with chicken keepers everywhere. Below are a few examples of our press features..

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High-Vis Chicken Jacket

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Duck protection
I purchased the high viz as one of our female ducks was mounting another of our female ducks and causing injury to her back ( sharp claws scratching her causing feather loss and bleeding). The coat seems to deter the other duck from mounting her ( as she looks different - what is that !!) plus protection and is allowing her back to heal. After a couple of days it is already healing.
Review for: Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket
This reviewer has 1 Cambell pets
Construction Ready!
Charlotte, North Carolina,
How adorable! Our hens look like they need hardhats and are ready for work! LOL The saddles are well made and last! We have used them for over 6 months so far and they still are working perfectly. No more missing feathers from our hug rooster mating with the hens.
Review for: Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket
This reviewer has 4-6 Variety of Hens pets
Works like a charm!
Charleen, New York,
This has been the perfect solution to two problems and I love it! She never blinked getting back to her routine with this on, hiding. It helps me find her 1st off and 2nd it has really helped with the rooster spurring her too much when mating, hence the reason for her hiding. Now she’s more out in the open. I do think a version with wing covers that snap in place should be looked into and since you don’t carry yet the only reason for a 4 instead of 5.
Review for: Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket
Better than expected!
I bought this vest as a part of a costume for my bird. This vest has surpassed all expectations in the quality department! We love it so much we keep it on a plush chicken when not in use.
Review for: Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket
This reviewer has 1 White Leghorn pets
Great colour and fits comfy.
Very happy with the high vis jacket for my chicken Coco. It looks great and didn't take long for her to accept wearing it.
Review for: Pink High-Vis Chicken Jacket
This reviewer has 1 Hyline Chicken pets
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