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Fido Classic Crate 36"

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If you want a crate that's secure, can go in the car as well as in your home and is super quick to put up then the Omlet Fido Classic is the crate for you.

The Fido Classic dog crate has a door on the long side and the short side. This makes accessing the crate easy and you can arrange the crate in your home so that it fits in perfectly. This high quality dog crate is made from heavy duty welded steel wire with a neat black epoxy coating that will look good for years to come. Each door has two slide-bolt latches that lock when you fold them all the way down.

For car journeys a dog crate is essential. It secures your dog safely in the boot of your car and protects them from movements on the journey, it also means they can’t change the radio station. Check the dimensions of the crate to make sure it will fit in your boot with the door closed.

For more details and to read more about the benefits of the Omlet Fido Classic Dog Crate please click here.

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Flash & thomas
New cage for atilla
I am well in my cage!
A dog crate ready to be used
Dog asleep in Fido Classic dog crate
A God asleep in a Omlet dog crate
A transport cage for a dog made out of wire mesh
Dog in Omlet Fido Classic dog crate
Two dalmatian inside a Fido Classic
I slept well! Good day
Fido clasic 36
Fido Classic
Fido Classic

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Fido Classic Crate 36"

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