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Zippi Tunnel Single with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

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With the Zippi Tunnel there are no limits to the size or shape of system that you can build so you can let your imagination - and your pet - run wild!

This pack contains a single 90cm length of flexible Zippi tunnel with an angled connector and door frame kit (including lock-out door). This allows you to connect the tunnel to a hutch or angled run. Also included is a straight connector and a door frame so that you can attach the other end to a run or playpen.

Tunnel Diameter: 180mm (7.1 in)

Please check the tunnels regularly for any wear or damage, especially if the tunnel is bent. Immediately remove the tunnel if you spot any deterioration.

Customer Images

Round and round we Go.
Tunnel connection from hutch to Zippi rabbit run
Hutch to run connector
Easy to install, works great
Nutmeg sitting in tunnel entrance.
Hutch to run
Smooky loves being able to come and Go as he pleases
The adventures begin …
Loving her tunnel in the heat!
Our guinea pig home with tunnel from their shed to outdoor enclosure.
The enclosure blends into the background!
I want the same human-sized playground
The count-ren.
Pluto’s close up
Connection between free run and outdoor enclosure
A solid and robust tunnel
Rabbits in Omlet Zippi rabbit playpen with Omlet Zippi tunnel attached

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Zippi Tunnel Single with Hutch to Run Connection Kit

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Excellent product!
I bought this to solve a problem I had. I rent and needed a way to attach the catioto the house in a way which isn't permanent. This is perfect! It:s superbly made. Very sturdy and the attachment collar is inspired. I wouldn't hesitate to order from Omlet in future.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Single with Hutch to Run Connection Kit
This reviewer has 2-4 Tonkinese pets
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